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Policies and Procedures

5.21 Professional and Scientific Personnel Appointments

A Professional/Scientific position opening exists when: (a) a budgeted position is vacated; or (b) a new budgeted position is created. With either of these circumstances, the employing department shall implement the necessary procedures to fill the position with the assistance of Personnel Services at the department's request.

  1. At the time an opening is declared, a completed REQUEST TO FILL POSITION FORM is necessary to fill an open position. All applicable sections (1-5 for new positions and 1, 2, 4, and 5 for vacant positions) must be completed and the form approved prior to the department taking any action regarding advertising or filling the position. If it is a new position, or if there is a formal request to reclassify the position, Personnel Services will make arrangements for analysis by the Position Evaluation Committee. In cases where a position must be filled immediately, arrangements for a tentative pay grade and/or hiring range may be made with Personnel Services.
  2. When the completed REQUEST TO FILL POSITION FORM has been approved, the hiring department and Personnel Services should work together in making sure that the position description adequately describes the required duties and responsibilities. The description needs to be accurate and on the proper form. Additionally, the recruitment plan for the position must be approved by the dean or division head. The Director of Affirmative Action Programs will be available for consultation and to assist with the development of a recruitment plan.
  3. All positions will be advertised internally and/or externally. The methods and places of the advertising will depend upon the type of position to be filled and the timetable within which the person is needed. At the request of the hiring department, Personnel Services will work with the department in developing and implementing the recruitment efforts.
  4. As the application materials are received, the appropriate response will be made (i.e., letter of acknowledgement and supporting materials, request for more information, eliminate from consideration, etc.) as agreed to in consultation with the department head. The search committee will review and screen the application materials. The department head will, if so desired, have the opportunity to review all applicants, Dependent upon the wishes of the department head, the search committee will keep the department head informed as to the recruitment process and status as the deadline approaches (daily, weekly, etc.).
  5. When the recruitment period closes, the search committee will determine the applicants to be interviewed. The department head may accept or amend the list of candidates who are to be invited to campus for interviews. While there is no set number of persons to be interviewed, three to five applicants will normally be the maximum. The Director of Affirmative Action Programs will approve the interview pool prior to any applicant being invited to interview.
  6. The department will determine who (department, Personnel Services, or the search committee) will make the necessary arrangements for the interviews, including travel arrangements, accommodations, and visitation schedules.
  7. If the department head wishes that further referencing be done after the interviews, he/she will determine who will provide such service.
  8. The department head, with approval from the division head, will select the person to be offered the position and with then determine who will make an informal offer of the position to the candidate at an agreed-upon salary, benefits, etc. It should be clearly communicated to the candidate selected for the position that the informal offer of placement is subject to "final administrative approval" and that a letter formally offering the position will be sent upon receipt of required approvals.
  9. If the candidate accepts the informal offer, the department will initiate the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION SELECTION RECORD for approval or request assistance from Personnel Services. The form is then expeditiously routed and returned to Personnel Services for distribution of copies to the appropriate persons. At this time, the department head will consult with the Director of Affirmative Action Programs in order to review the selection process.
  10. The department or Personnel Services will draft the letter formally offering the position for the vice-president's (or dean's, if appropriate) signature, obtain the appropriate signature, and send the letter to the applicant, the letter of offer will include the request for proper notification of acceptance.
  11. The department or Personnel Services will initiate the PERSONNEL ACTION FORM which should, upon completion of the appropriate routing and signatures, be returned to Personnel Services.
  12. Personnel Services will assist with proper orientation of the new employee upon commencement of employment. Department heads should have new staff members contact Personnel Services on the first day of employment for completion of payroll and benefit forms.
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