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Policies and Procedures

4.76 Field Trip Absences

If a trip is only a matter of a few hours and does not involve the filing of an expense voucher, no absence request is needed. However, if expense vouchers are to be filed, or if the trip is an overnight trip, an absence request should be filed. The primary reason for filing the absence request is to satisfy the Iowa Workman's Compensation System, which expects the individual to have obtained permission to be away from the campus on university business.

Academic protocol requires permission of other instructors if a student going on a field trip will miss other classes. Faculty members taking students on field trips should pay heed to the following faculty policy: "No faculty member has the right to require a student to attend an extra-curricular event or take a test in his/her course at a time that interferes with a regularly scheduled class in which that student is enrolled unless specific permission of the office of the appropriate College Dean is granted."

Administrative Council Approved, 1/5/67