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Policies and Procedures

3.13 Athletic Financial Aid

Section 1. Statement of Principle
  1. The university believes in the principle of amateurism, that is, that an amateur athlete is one who engages in athletics for the physical, mental, social and educational benefits derived therefrom, and to whom the sport is an avocation.
  2. The university recognizes that there is a legitimate need for institutional grants-in-aid programs to include students of athletic ability, as well as students possessing other abilities, so long as normal progress is one of the basic principles of selection.
  3. It is the assumption of the university that athletic financial assistance is awarded the student-athlete because the athlete has demonstrated that he or she has an athletic quality that will enhance the development of the athletic program and the athlete.
Section 2. NCAA Rules and Regulations Regarding Financial Aid
  1. When a student's athletic ability is taken into consideration in any degree in the awarding of unearned financial aid, such aid shall not be awarded for a period in excess of one academic year, and such aid combined with that received from other sources may not exceed the amount defined in the NCAA Constitution.
  2. The university is subject to all rules and regulations of the NCAA as they pertain to financial aid to student-athletes and to the interpretations issued by the NCAA in regard to such rules except when Mid-Continent Conference, Association of Mid-Continent Conference and Gateway Collegiate Athletic Conference rules are more restrictive.
  3. In the administration of financial aid to student-athletes, the university shall follow the Principles Governing Financial Aid as set forth in the NCAA Constitution, Article 3, Section 4.
  4. All student-athletes are subject to Article 3, Principle for the Conduct of Intercollegiate Athletics, of the NCAA Constitution and to all interpretations of this legislation.
  5. The university shall limit initial scholarship or grants-in-aid awards, for which the recipient's athletic ability is considered in any degree, to entering student-athletes who meet the requirements as set forth in Article 4 and Article 5, Eligibility Rules for NCAA Championships of the NCAA bylaws.
Section 3. Institutional Policy Governing Financial Assistance
  1. All entering freshmen and transfers (fall term) shall receive their award for the academic year.
  2. Renewals will be made for an academic year unless the recipient is on academic or athletic probation. Academic probation is defined by the faculty. Athletic probation must be supported by a letter from the coach to the athlete in question with a copy to the Athletic Director. Student-athletes on probation shall be granted financial assistance on a semester basis.
  3. The student-athlete has an obligation to the university, and the university has an obligation to the student-athlete. Should the student-athlete not live up to his/her obligation, the coach of the respective sport has the responsibility of notifying the athlete in an attempt to correct the situation. The probationary letter is the first step in this direction. If all attempts to correct the situation fail, financial aid non-renewal procedures will commence (Section 5).
Section 4. Administrative Procedures for Recommendation and Approval of Athletic Financial Assistance
  1. Each head coach or their designee must submit a written request (either a formal letter or a Conference Tender of Financial Assistance) to the Athletic Director or his designee nominating said athlete for financial assistance.
  2. The Athletic Director will approve or deny the request. If approved, it will be forwarded to the Director of Financial Aids for final approval and notification.
  3. Financial Aid Renewal Notification. An institution is obligated to send notification to a student-athlete who received financial aid during the previous semester or academic year on or before July 1 whether the financial aid will or will not be renewed for the ensuing academic year. Such notification shall come from the institution's regular financial aids authority.
Section 5. Administrative Procedures for Recommendation and Approval of Non-Renewal of Athletic Financial Assistance
  1. To terminate award of financial aid, the head coach of the respective sport must notify the student-athlete, in writing, that he or she is being placed on athletic probation. Reasons for the probation must be clearly identified in the letter. The probationary period will last at least one semester. At the conclusion of the semester, appropriate action will be taken. Anyone who has not received an academic or athletic probationary letter shall not be subject to non-renewal of financial aid, unless ineligible under NCAA Conference or institutional policy.
  2. Non-renewal of athletic aid can occur without a letter of probation in the case of extreme circumstances involving a student-athlete as defined in the NCAA Constitution, Section 4-C-2.
  3. If the student-athlete receives a non-renewal notification, he or she shall be informed that if they believe the grant has not been renewed for questionable reasons, they may request and shall have the opportunity for a hearing before the institution's agency making the financial award.
  4. The institution is obligated to send notification to the student-athlete who will not be renewed for financial assistance. The student-athlete shall receive notification by July 1 for those on one year awards and January 1 or July 1 for those on semester awards.
Section 6. Appeals Procedure
  1. Any student-athlete who receives notification that their aid will not be renewed can request and shall have the opportunity for a hearing before the institution's regular scholarship awards authority.
  2. The scholarship awards authority shall appoint a standing appeals committee consisting of: two students (one male and one female athlete, both on athletic grants-in-aid), two faculty members, one administrator, one person from the Office of Financial Aids and the Athletic Director or his designee (nonvoting). This will be a standing committee on call at the discretion of the chairman of the committee.
  3. The decision of the scholarship awards authority appeals committee shall be final.
Vice-President for Administration and Finance