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Policies and Procedures

1.22 BOR Governance

The Board of Regents shall also have and exercise (in addition to its other powers and duties as set forth in Chapter 262) all the powers necessary and convenient for the effective administration of its office and of the institutions under its control; and to this end may create such committees, offices, and agencies from its own members or others, and employ persons to staff the same, fix their compensation and tenure and delegate thereto, or to the administrative officers and faculty of the institutions under its control, such part of the authority and duties vested by statute in the Board, and shall formulate and establish such rules (and regulations), outline such policies, and prescribe such procedures thereof, all as may be desired or determined by the Board as recorded in their minutes. (Code 262.12) The Board of Regents, for the purposes of implementing and administering collective bargaining pursuant to Chapter 20 of the Code of Iowa, shall act as the exclusive representative of the state with respect to faculty, scientific and other professional staff employed by institutions governed by the Board (Code 19A(g)). (Employees of the Board hereunder shall not come under the Department of Personnel provided for in Code 8.5).

Board of Regents, State of Iowa Policy Manual, 1.03