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Policies and Procedures

1.21 Appointment of Board of Regent Members

A. The State Board of Regents shall govern the following institutions:

1. The State University of Iowa

2. The Iowa State University of Science and Technology, including the Agricultural Experiment Station

3. The University of Northern Iowa

4. The Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School

5. The State School for the Deaf

6. Oakdale Campus

7. The State Hospital School (Code 262.7)

B. The State Board of Regents consists of nine members, eight of whom shall be selected from the state at large solely with regard to their qualifications and fitness to discharge the duties of the office. The ninth member shall be a student enrolled on a full-time basis in good standing at either the graduate or undergraduate level at one of the institutions listed in section 262.7, subsection 1, 2 or 3, at the time of the member's appointment. Not more than five members shall be of the same political party. (Code 262.1)

C. The term of each member of said Board shall be for six years. The terms of three members of the Board shall begin and expire in each odd-numbered year. (Code 262.2) Terms shall begin at 12:01 a.m. on May 1 in the year of appointment and expire at 12:00 midnight on April 30 in the year of expiration. (Code 69.19)

D. The members shall be appointed by the Governor subject to confirmation by the Senate. (Code 262.2) The Governor shall make appointments by March 15 for Regents whose terms expire on April 30 of the same year. (Code 2.32[l]) The Senate shall by April 15 of the year either approve, disapprove or by resolution defer consideration of confirmation of the appointment. (Code 2.32[3])

E. The Governor, with the approval of a majority of the Senate during a session of the General Assembly, may remove any member of the Board for malfeasance in office or for any cause which would render the member ineligible for appointment or incapable or unfit to discharge the duties of the office; and the removal, when so made, shall be final. (Code 262.4)

F. When the General Assembly is not in session, the Governor may suspend any member so disqualified and shall appoint another to fill the vacancy thus created, subject to the approval of the Senate when next in session. (Code 262.5)

G. Any person who has been appointed by the Governor to any board under the laws of this state shall be deemed to have submitted a resignation from the office if either of the following events occurs:

1. The person does not attend three or more consecutive regular meetings of the Board. This paragraph does not apply unless the first and last of the consecutive meetings counted for this purpose are at least 30 days apart.

2. The person attends less than one-half of the regular meetings of the Board within any period of 12 calendar months beginning on July 1 or January 1. This paragraph does not apply unless the Board holds at least four regular meetings during such period. This paragraph applies only to a period beginning on or after the date when the person takes office as a member of the Board.

If the appointee received no notice and had no knowledge of a regular meeting and gives the Governor a sworn statement to that effect within 10 days after learning of the meeting, such meeting shall not be counted for the purposes of this section.

The Governor, in the Governors discretion, may accept or reject the resignation. If the Governor accepts it, the Governor shall notify the person in writing that the resignation is accepted pursuant to this section. The Governor shall then make another appointment to such office. Such appointment shall be made in the same manner and for the same term as in the case of other vacancies caused by resignation from the office.

As used in this section, "board" includes any commission, committee, agency, or governmental body which has three or more members. (Code 69.15)

H. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner in which regular appointments are required to be made. (Code 262.6)

I. An officer filling a vacancy in an office which is filled by election of the people shall continue to hold until the next election, at which the vacancy can be filled as provided in Section 69.12 and until a successor is elected and qualified. Appointments to all other offices made under this chapter shall continue for the remainder of the term of each office and until a successor is appointed and qualified. (Code 69.11)

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