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Overseas Credential & Referral Services

Overseas Credential Services

All candidates registered with the UNI Overseas Placement Service for Educators establish a full credential file. This file is designed to highlight information of specific interest to overseas administrators. All of the forms that candidates need are furnished by UNI in the registration package. Copies of credentials are distributed during the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair.

After the Fair, credentials may be mailed at the candidate's request for a fee to cover UNI costs. The file is stored at UNI for 3 years. During this time there is no charge to update a file. However, candidates interested in the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair must re-register each year and update their paperwork accordingly. Credential files from other universities or organizations may not be used as a substitute for the UNI Overseas Credential File.

Direct Referral to Overseas Employers

Employers often call UNI to make referral requests for vacancies that occur at their schools at various times of the year. Current-year registrant information is in a database, which is searched at the request of an employer. Candidates who match the qualifications identified by the employer are referred. UNI will continue to match qualified educators with employers throughout the recruiting year.

For further information you may e-mail us at: overseas.placement@uni.edu or call (319) 273-2083.

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