Philosophy & World Religions


Ethics Minor


Ethics concerns us all

Questions of moral responsibility, professional conduct, value formation, civil rights and protective legislation are raised repeatedly today in the fields of business, medicine, government, law, education and within the family and our communities.


Set your resume apart from the rest

This flexible and versatile interdisciplinary minor will really set your resume’ apart from the others in the stack.  It will indicate to employers in any field that you care about ethical personal and professional behavior, and that you have made the study of ethics an important part of your preparation for all aspects of your life.


Sharpen your thinking

Sharpen your skills of critical and conceptual analysis in ethical reflection through a short, strategically designed minor.


Broaden your perspective

Study ethical issues in your own field of study and relate them to other fields and to the universal conceptual frameworks of philosophy and religious thought.



Choose one of the following introductory courses:

640:024 Religions of the World

640:040 Religion, Ethics, and Film

650:021 Philosophy: The Art of Thinking

650:050 Reasoning about Moral Problems


Take both of the following:

640:171 Religion and Ethics

650:142 Ethics


Take one of the following:

640/650:173 Bio-Medical Ethics

640/650:174g Ethics in Business

640/650:175g Environmental Ethics

650:245 Ethics in Public Policy


Take one of the following:

Legal and Social Environment of Business; Risk Management and Insurance; Human Relations; Awareness and Application; Introductory Social Psychology; Religion and Its Critics; Marxisms; Existentialism; Society, Politics, and the Person; Perspectives on Death and Dying; Culture and Philosophy of African-American Life; African-American History; United States Constitutional History; History of Women in the United States; Ethics in Communication; Nietzsche, Nihilism, and the "Overcoming" of Western Metaphysics; Women in Modem European History; Environmental Issues  and Regional Public Policy, and Environmental Sociology.


Total number of hours for the Ethics Minor is 15.


The Ethics Minor contains a core selected to sharpen your critical and analytic skills of moral reflection and to inform you of both classical and contemporary scholarly work in ethics.