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How can I stay safe on campus?


  • UNI Public Safety has officers on patrol 24 hours per day to ensure the safety of the campus community. The officers work to ensure crime prevention. In addition, Public Safety enforces parking regulations and assists the campus in emergency preparedness. Campus emergency calls can be directed to 319-273-4000.
  • Student Disability Services is a UNI resource that provides specialized services to students with disabilities to provide them equal access to education and university life. More information about how to apply for services and how to access the forms needed are available on the Student Disability Services website.
  • Violence Intervention Services provides numerous advocacy services for students harmed by violence, including victims of sexual assault, physical/emotional abuse, and stalking and harassment. Prevention programming, education, and outreach are all implemented on campus to lead University efforts toward creating an environment that is intolerant of violence and is supportive of victims.