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Living On-Campus

How do I get comfortable in my home away from home?


  • Moving away from home and into the residence halls can be an emotional time for many students and their families. It is important to us that you experience a Smooth Move to campus. Our Department of Residence has provided you with some helpful tips to ensure that you and your family make a smooth transition.
  • Once you arrive on campus, it is important that you know how to get along with your roommate. For some students, adjusting to sharing such a small space with someone else can be very difficult. Many people and resources are available to make space sharing an easier adjustment.
  • Feeling homesick? Read about the 3 keys to coping with homesickness if you are struggling with it during your first few weeks here on campus. Keep in mind that it always takes times for students to adjust to such a big change in life, and if you are patient, it will get easier.
  • Talk with your Resident Assistant (RA). Your RA is there to support you, and to connect you with resources that will help you meet your educational and personal goals.