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What services are available to promote my health?


  • The Student Health Clinic is located on campus, just off of 23rd Street. Licensed nurses and doctors are available to see students during regular business hours regarding illness. There is no fee to be seen by a nurse or doctor, and a pharmacy is located right inside the building to fill any prescriptions you need after your visit. Please provide the staff with any insurance information and medical history that you have available prior to your visit. Call 319-273-2009 to set up an appointment.
  • The UNI Counseling Center is located within the Student Health Clinic on campus and provides mental health and counseling to UNI students as well as free, online screening 24 hours per day. To schedule an initial assessment appointment, please call 319-273-2676.
  • Substance Abuse Services is located on campus and provides preventative and supportive services for students concerning alcohol and other drug use. All services are confidential and can assist students in making healthy lifestyle choices. You can schedule a meeting with a coordinator by submitting a meeting request form online.
  • Wellness and Recreation Services offers services to UNI students to promote health and wellness. These services include, but are not limited to: fitness and leisure classes, certification classes, recreational sports and clubs, and access to the Wellness and Recreation Center.