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What opportunities are available to get involved on campus?


  • Looking for something to do on any given day on campus? Check out our Calendar of Events to find something that interests you. You can browse the yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily calendar.
  • Do you want to get involved in an organization on campus or possibly even create your own? Visit the Student Involvement and Activities Center website. You will find a list of many student organizations, and be provided with information on how to start your own organization. Get involved with groups related to theater, art, politics, athletics, spirituality, community service and much more!
  • Visit your academic department to ask about major-related clubs and organizations. These organizations provide you a great opportunity to explore interests, learn more about internship and career options, network with faculty and employers, and connect with students who share similar interests.
  • Join in the life and history of the university by participating in the UNI Traditions Challenge. Submit photos of yourself taking part in various UNI traditions, and become an official UNI "traditions keeper"!
  • If you enjoy being a leader or would like to strengthen your leadership skills, visit the UNI Student Leadership Center. Participate in a leadership workshop, volunteer in the community, and meet other UNI student leaders.
  • Support UNI Panther Athletics by attending sporting events such as volleyball, football, basketball, wrestling, track and field, swimming and diving, tennis, and many more! These events are free by swiping your university ID card. Wear purple, and support your Panthers!
  • If you're interested in joining a competitive sports club, check out the UNI Sport Club web page. Choose from sports such as ultimate frisbee, running, swimming and diving, bowling, cycling, volleyball, tennis, and many more. Sports clubs are a great way to participate on a level slightly more competitive than recreational intramurals with other students interested in your sport.
  • Explore the arts by attending performances at Strayer Wood Theatre and Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center. Opportunities range from performing in student-run theatre productions to attending Broadway shows and music concerts. 
  • Get a campus job! Working on campus gets you connected to faculty and staff supervisors, helps you make new friends, and provides you with a paycheck! Take a look at the UNI Online Job Board, where you can find job postings for both on and off-campus and Work Study and non-Work Study positions.
  • Camp Adventure Youth Services is a service learning program that allows participants to gain skills and experience related to youth services and program management. Students are presented with an opportunity to stay within the United States or go abroad for the summer to work at one of several various day camps with children who have parents in the military. Twelve elective credit hours are received upon completion of the program.