About NutriActive
Why Join?

2006 Participation Guidelines

The 2006 NutriActive program is offered in Cedar Heights and Orange Elementary schools. Any 3rd grader attending these schools is eligible to take part in the program. The program will be implemented during April, 2006, Monday through Friday.

The program will include the following components:

Intervention group:
  • Children arrived to school 15 minutes earlier for a morning walk and stay 90 minutes after school for health lessons, snack, exercise, and active play, and complete assessment procedures at three different time points.
  • Parents read weekly program newsletters and complete a short questionnaire at three different times.
Control group:
  • Children participate in the same assessment procedures as children in the intervention group at 3 different time points.
  • Parents complete a questionnaire at 3 different time points.
Please see the Informed Consent form (below) for details.

If you would like your child to take part in the program, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and read the informed consent form:  PDF  or  MSWord 
  2. Discuss with your child whether he or she would like to take part in the program;
  3. Date and sign the form and return it to your P.E. teacher by
    March 25, 2006