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Audition Information


Admission to the UNI Trombone Studio is dependent upon admission to both the University and the School of Music. Admittance to the University is not a guarantee of admission to the School of Music. Click here for information about admission to the UNI School of Music.

Click here for general information about undergraduate admission to UNI.

Click here for general information about graduate admission to UNI.

Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate instrumental auditions for trombone will be held on Saturday, February 23 and Friday, March 1, 2013. Other days may be available by appointment, but you must audition before March 1, 2013 to be considered for scholarships.

Applied trombone lessons are a crucial part of your education, whether you are a music education major or a performance major. Your audition helps the faculty evaluate your ability to complete a degree in a reasonable amount of time. It also serves as a basis for alloting scholarship money. In short, your audition for the brass faculty serves as admission criteria for the School of Music, trombone studio, and scholarships all at the same time.

I strongly encourage all prospective students to visit UNI and take a lesson with me, free of charge, before auditioning. Your applied lesson instructor is one of the most important considerations you have in your choice of an undergraduate or graduate institution. Please get to know me and my teaching before you decide to audition at UNI.

You will be asked to play a solo work for trombone and piano (about 7-8 minutes long) and scales. Be prepared to play all major scales from memory in any key, two octaves. Additional scale forms (like natural, harmonic, and melodic minor) are helpful but not required.

Auditions are judged by the brass faculty as a whole. Intonation, correct notes, rhythm, sound, articulation, and musical interpretation are all criteria for admission. A simple piece played beautifully is much better than a difficult piece played poorly. However, performing a difficult piece well is always impressive and can help you compete for scholarships. The Guilmant Morceau Symphonique is often performed, but many other excellent works should be considered.

Some recommended undergraduate works for tenor trombone are (roughly in order of difficulty):

Lieder by Brahms, Schumann, Schubert, Beethoven, opera arias, Bordogni Vocalise with piano accompaniment, any Galliard Sonata, Berghmanns La Femme a la Barbe, Saint-Saens Cavatine, Rimsky-Korsakov Concerto, Sulek Sonata Vox Gabrieli, Telemann Sonata in F major, Monaco Second Sonata,Serocki Sonatina, Larsson Concertino, Gordan Jacob Concerto, David Concertino, Hindemith Sonate

Recommended undergraduate bass trombone works (in order of difficulty):

Lieder by Brahms, Schumann, Schubert, Beethoven, and opera arias down 8va, Bordogni Vocalise with piano accompaniment down 8va, Vaughan Williams Six Studies in Folk Song, any Galliard Sonata, Berghmanns La Femme a la Barbe, Defaye Deux Danses (bass trombone edition), Liszt Hosannah,Gotkovsky Lied, Hidas Meditation, Hartley Sonata Breve, Telemann Sonata in F major

Contact me if you have any questions about what you should perform for your audition.

Transfer Students

In order to graduate in a reasonable amount of time, transfer students should be prepared to perform at a comparable level of ability to a UNI student of the same classification. In other words, if you're transferring in as a junior, you should be able to handle junior level work for a UNI student. Consult the "Scale Juries Forms" sheet for information on the scale forms you'll need to know the first semester you're enrolled at UNI.

Students who audition at a lower level but show promise may be placed on probation and given about 10 weeks to improve up to an acceptable level. A probationary jury will then be given for the brass faculty. This is to determine if the student's skills are at a level where graduation is possible in an appropriate length of time. If not, the student will not be allowed to major in trombone at UNI.

Graduate Admission

Graduate auditions must be completed by February 15 and are by appointment only. Please email me to make an audition appointment.

For M.M. Performance applicants, the audition materials are:

One movement from a concerto

Two contrasting etudes (i.e. lyrical and technical)

A work for either solo trombone or trombone and piano, like a sonata. If you are interested in studying orchestral literature, three contrasting orchestral excerpts may be substituted.

Please email me if you have any questions about what you should play for your audition.