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Title                                          Author

adult fiction

             Antonietta                             Hersey, John

             Canone Inverso                      Maurensig, Paolo

             The Soloist                            Salzman, Mark

             Violin                                    Rice, Anne


             21st Century Violinists            VanClay, Mary ed.

             Composer's Fandex                 none

             Fiddler to the World, Inspiring Behrman, Carol

             Lives of the Musicians             Krull, Kathleen

             More Stories of Composers for  Kendall, Catherine Wolff

             Musical Prodigies                    Kenneson, Claude

             Nadja, On my Way                  Salerno-sonnenberg, Nadja

             Speaking in Strings                 Sonnenberg

             Stories of Composers for         Kendall, Catherine Wolff

             Teaching Genius                     Sand, Barbara Lourie

             The Life and Work of               Suzuki

              Violin Virtuosos                      VanClay, Mary


             A  Fiddle For Angus                 Wilson, Budge

             Anatole and the Piano             Titus, Eve

             Beethhoven Lives Upstairs       Nichol, Barbara

             Bramble Brown the Bear and    Merrill, Kathryn

             Donald Plays the Violin           Patch, Karen

             Ferdinand & Friends/Ridout      Ridout

             I Can Play My Violin Just as     Keith, Margaret

             If This and That, Then What?   Butrick, Lyn McClure

             Krissy's Violin                        Chell, Evangeline

             Long Live Music                      Peles, Les Chats

             Meet the Orchestra                 Hayes, Ann

             Mole Music                             McPhail, David

             Musical Life of Gustav Mole      Meyrick, Kathryn

             Peter and the Wolf/                Philadelphia      

             Tchaikovsky Discovers America Kalman, Esther

             The Bat Boy and His Violin       Curtis, Gavin

             The Cello of Mr. O                   Cutler, Jane

             The Orchestra                        Rubin, Mark

             The Remarkable Farkle McBride Lithgow, John

             The Story of Ferdinand            Leaf, Munro

             Twinkle, Twinkle                     O'Brien, Tim 

             Zin! in! Zin! A Violin                Moss, Lloyd

children/non fiction + CD

             Music in the Wood             Cornelissen, Cornelia

children/ poetry

             People of Note, A Score of       McKinney, Laurence

children/non fiction

             Fiddlin' Sam                           Dengler, Marianna

             Music                                    Santrey, Laurence

             The Master Violinmaker           Fleisher, Paul

             When Can I Clap Daddy?         Keith, Margaret


             The New PreTwinkle Book         Merrill, Kathryn;Brandt Jean


             Work is Play if you Practice      Keith, Margaret

             You Can't Reach a Goal You've Keith, Margaret

Music theory/chldren

             No H in Snake                        Yurko, Michiko

musician advice

             No Time to Practice                 Agopian, Edmond

             Playing Less Hurt                    Horvath, Janet

             Stage Fright                           Havas, Kato

             The Art of Practicing                Bruser, Madeline

             The Inner Game of Music         Green, Barry

             The Musician's Survival Manual Norris, Richard

             The Young Musician's Guide     Nathan, Amy

             Violin Owner's Manual             Scott, Heather Ed.

             Walk on the North Side           Primrose, William

parent tips

             Dare to Discipline                   Dobson, James

             Everybody Wins                      Sobel, Jeffrey

             Everything Depends on How     Tanaka, Shigeki

             First Class Tips for Suzuki        Suzuki Assoc.

             Helping Parents Practice, Ideas  Spring, Edmund

             I Love To Practice                   Halls, Yvonne & Steiner, Patricia

             Mommy, Can We Practice         Parkinson, Margaret

             Your Child's Self Esteem          Briggs, Dorothy Corkville

practice tips

            How to Get Your Child to           Richards, Cynthia


             A Parent's Guide to String        Fink, Lorraine

             Child Art                                Lewis, Hilda Present

             Classical Music For Everybody   Sethma, Dhun

             Introduction to Music Education  Hoffer, Charles

             Performer Playing Cards           CARDS

             Amadeus Book of the Violin     Kolneder, Walter

             The NPR Classical Music         Hoffman, Miles


             Ah, Music!                             Brandenburg, Aliki

             Cellos                                   BOOK

             The Story of the Orchestra


             A Suzuki Parent's Diary            Morris, Carroll

             Ability Development from Age  Suzuki, Shinichi

             An Introduction to the Suzuki   Suzuki

             Diamond in the Sky                 Cannon, Jerlene

             In the Suzuki Style                 Mills, Elizabeth

             Journey Down the Kreisler        Timmerman, Craig

             My Scale Book                        Maurer, Jaqueline

             Nurtured by Love                    Suzuki, Shinichi

             Shinichi Suzuki, The Man &       Hermann, Evelyn

             Suzuki Changed My Life           Honda, Masaaki

             Suzuki Education in Action       Cook, Clifford

             Suzuki Images                       Montzka, Arthur

             Suzuki, Man of Love                Honda, Masaaki

             Talent Education for Young      Suzuki, Shinichi

             Teaching from Balance Point    Kreitman, Ed

             The Genius of Simplicity          Wickes, Linda

             The PreTwinkle Book               Merrill, Kathryn;Brandt, Jean

             The Suzuki Concept                 Suzuki et al

             The Suzuki Violin Method in     Kendall, John

             The Vehicle of Music               Honda, Masaaki

             They're Rarely Too Young &      Slone, Kay Collier

             To Learn with Love                 Starr, William; Starr, Constance

             Where Love is Deep                Suzuki, Shinichi


             Teaching Music With Passion    Boonshaft, Peter Loel

             The String Teacher's Handbook Henkle, Ted


             Sandy Bottom Orchestra          Keilor, Garrison;Nilsson, Jenny

             The Facts & Fictions of Minna   MacLachlan, Patricia

             The Fiddler's Secret                 Johnson, Lois Walfred

             The Mozart Season                 Wolff, Virginia Euwer

             Yang the Youngest...              Namioka, Lensey

RECORDINGS/biographical for children

Beethoven Lives Upstairs-biographical

Hallelujah Handel -biographical

Mr. Bach Comes to Call-biographical

Mozart's Magnificent  Voyage-biographical

Tchaikovsky Discovers America-biographical

Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery-biographical


Beethoven's Wig 1, 2, 3, 4 --Sing Along Symphonies

Blue Moo - Sandra Boynton

Elmo and The Orchestra

Ferdinand the Bull and other Classics

Philadelphia Chickens - Sandra Boynton

Rhinoceros Tap - Sandra Boynton



Saint-Saens--Yo Yo Ma, Cello


Bach--Sonata 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6--William Bennet, flute

Beethoven--Concerti in D Major--William Bennet, flute

Handel--Sonata 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6--William Bennet, flute

Multi--Jean-Pierre Rampal, flute

Multi--Serverino Gazzelloni, flute


Mozart--multi artists

Orff Carmina Burana--Orchestra Mozarteum Salzburg, Kurt Prestel

Saint-Saens--C minor, Carnival of the Animals, Berceuse)

Telemann--string concerti


Haydn (Bb, D Major, Eb, C Major, F Major, G Minor) Griller String Quartet

Kronos Quartet, Caravan

Mozart (G minor, D Major, C minor, Eb Major, C Major) Griller String Quartet


Bell, Leonard Bernstein music from West Side Story, Candide & On the Town

Mozart Violin Concerti--Henryk Szerying, violin

Perlman, Concertos from My Childhood (Seitz, Accolay, De Beriot, Viotti)

Perlman re Discovered (Paginini, de Sarate, Handel, and others)

Piazzolla --Gidon Kremer, violin

The Red Violin soundtrack

Schumann (Humoreske, Fantasie)--Alicia de Larrocha


Flow by composer Alan Schmitz

Remembrance--Preucil School Alumni Chamber Soloists


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