UNI Suzuki

Registration Day

Event Date and Time: 
08/23/2014 - 9:30am - 1:00pm

All currently enrolled students including MusicWorks students are expected to register on or before Registration Day.  Schedule forms must be returned by August 10th so teachers can arrange their teaching schedules with the information each family provides prior to registration.  If you are unable to attend registration at Russell Hall (classrooms 157, 159 & 161), please include your first payment when returning your forms. No student will be given lessons until a portion of the years' fees is paid.  Students not responding by mailing their registration or paying registration fee by registration day will be dropped from our lists.  

REMEMBER TO MAIL IN YOUR FORMS BEFORE AUGUST 10th SO TEACHERS CAN PREPARE THEIR SCHEDULES PRIOR TO REGISTRATION DAY.  Please put every possible conflict and every possible lesson time on your form.   Teachers need all this info before registration day. 

Check #1:  Make this check payable to UNI Suzuki.

  • Pay at least registration fee ($125 per student). You may also include your first installment of annual fees with this payment.  This installment payment is due by Sept. 15 so payment at this time is optional.
  • You may include your Sept. UNI Suzuki School instrument rent ($19 per month) with fee payments and $57 if you rented the instrument during the summer of 2014. 

Check #2:  Make this check payable to UNI Suzuki Association. 

  • Buy UNI Suzuki merchandise--UNI Suzuki School purple shirts and older styles will be available.
  • Pay General Activity fee (only for new families --$20/$25 or for those who have not paid yet.  (This fee is also known as the deposit for INTENT TO REGISTER and was paid in May by currently enrolled students.)  If you didn't pay, we have record of that and will ask for it on Aug. 23.

Check # 3:  Make this check payable to "UNI."

UNI Parking Fees:  $31.20 per tag.  You will need to pay for this in cash or by separate check payable to UNI.   Please indicate on the registration form if you are ordering tags and include the payment for the tags (IN A SEPARATE CHECK) with your registration form before August 10. It will expedite the registration line if you send this amount in advance.

NOTE ABOUT CASH PAYMENTS:  We accept payments in cash.  Please bring correct change.

By attending registration you help us: 

  • Update our student information file. 
  • Inventory instruments, distribute group lists & handbook revisions as well as fall semester information more efficiently. 
  • Recruit volunteers for various upcoming events. 
  • Distribute fund raising info. 
  • Distribute information about area music performances
  • Assign each student a lesson and group time based on the information you've provided on your schedule sheet.  It saves our teachers hundreds of phone calls. 

For additional information see here or for forms, click here.