UNI Suzuki

Information for New Students

Young beginners's class for violin and viola students will start in August, 2013.  This class is for students ages 4 - 6.  Younger students may also apply but continued enrollment will depend on maturity of child.  Younger students interested after the start of this class will be put on the list for the next beginning class (January, 2014).  Click here for information.

Cello, guitar students and violin/viola students (ages 7 and up) may start when vacancies allow placement.  Submission of 2013-2014 registration forms by August 10th will insure fall placement.  Families (cello and guitar students) also have the option of attending the open house on August 24 at 1:00-2:00 in Russell Hall lobby.  Any of these late applicants will be placed as soon as a lesson time can be arranged.

Click here for registration forms.