UNI Suzuki


1.  Instructional Fees

Fees are announced on the annual fee schedule included on the school website.  The fees will vary according to the type of lessons you have selected.  See schedule of fee payments for details. 

Fees must be paid in advance.  At least the registration fee is due before or at fall registration.  If there is a need to make alternative arrangements for payment differently than the schedule specifies, please contact the Suzuki Coordinator.  No bills will be sent but a statement of account is mailed mid-year.     A general reminder that payment is due will be posted in your e-bulletins.  

Payments can be mailed to: UNI Suzuki School, School of Music, Cedar Falls, IA, 50614-0246.   They may also be paid at registration, left in the Suzuki mailbox in the UNI School of Music Office (115) of Russell Hall or given directly to the Suzuki Coordinator.  Please do not give payments to your teacher. 

Regular fees entitle a student to participate in all UNI Suzuki School events which include weekly lesson, group lesson if indicated, play-ins, two recitals with performance classes and performances including the annual spring concert.  

The fee is paid regardless of how many lessons a student attends.  There will be no refunds for missed lessons.  (See #3) 

Enrollment must be made for the full year.  If discontinuance is unavoidable, arrangements must be made in advance with the Director. There will be an early withdrawal fee assessed.

Limited financial aid is available.  A request form is available from the Suzuki Coordinator and must be sent to the school by July 15.  Requests must be filed annually. 

2.  Expectations

As a member of the UNI Suzuki School, each student is required to participate in the spring concert, annual recitals, attend lesson and group lessons and practice regularly. 

3.  Make-up Lessons

If a student misses a lesson (or group) for any reason, the teacher is not responsible for making up this lesson.  Your teacher is a professional who has reserved time in his/her weekly schedule for you.  Your teacher is at the lesson whether or not you attend.  Any lesson cancelled by the teacher will be rescheduled.  A partial refund will be issued only if the teacher cannot reschedule lessons he/she missed.  Cancelled group lessons cannot be rescheduled.  Teacher lesson schedules will be distributed by each teacher.  To avoid missing a lesson, students anticipating an absence should arrange to trade lesson times with another student on their teacher's list.  Every effort will be made to reschedule individual lessons missed due to cancellations because of inclement weather.          

4.  Dismissal

The program reserves the right to discontinue a student who does not exhibit sufficient interest to progress. (See #2) 

5.  Snow Days

If the university, Waterloo, OR Cedar Falls public schools are closed due to bad weather, no group lessons will be held.  Individual lessons may be held.  Contact your teacher. 

6.  General Activity Fund

A $20 fee will be charged per family ($25 for families with more than one student) each year for the general fund.  This fund will be used for special events and accompanists.  Returning families will pay this with their intent to register form each spring.  New families will pay this as soon as they enroll.  This check should be made payable to "UNI Suzuki Association" and not include fee or instrument rent payments. 

7.  UNI Suzuki Association

This organization was incorporated in late 1990 as a non-profit support group of the UNI Suzuki School program.  All families enrolled in the program are members of the association.  The association's board is made up of teachers, parents, and interested persons.  The board meets monthly and serves the program by planning various fund raising activities and special events throughout the year. 

8.  Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Master classes, Institutes

Special educational opportunities will be made available to the students whenever possible.  There may be a fee charged to help cover the expenses for these events.  Information about these events will be announced in the bulletin or by special notice. 

9.  Requests for Change of Teacher

Requests for a change of teacher should be made in writing to the director. 

10.  Parking

Special visitor tags are available with limited parking privileges for Suzuki families.  The annual fee is $28.80 per tag and allows parking in Latham Lot/Schindler Lot before 4:00 and in Russell Hall Lot after 4:00. For more information

11. Safety

Children (under the age of 12) should be accompanied by an adult at all times.   

12.  Recording & photography

NEW (2011-2012) No recording devices (phone camera, still cameras, video recording device, audito recording device) are allowed at Suzuki recitals (student, faculty, guest or honors) or the spring concert. 

Recordings or photographs made by agents of the school shall be used for instructional  and archival purposes only unless specific permission is granted by parents to use  recording or photograph of their children in any public way (such as advertising, school  website, or fund raising).  A reasonable attempt (up to 3 contacts) will be made to notify parents (by email,  phone call, letter) if the photo or recording will be used in a more public way.  A general release form must be on file for all enrolled students.  This will be used as permission if attempts to reach the parents are ignored.

For events not listed above, individuals may record performance or event.

All recordings or photographs by parents should be of their own children only; please do not record others without the other party's specific permission.

All recordings or photographs should be considered for personal family use only (non-commercial). We encourage families to consider the ramifications of posting videos or   photos on the internet sites such as YouTube due to potential copyright and privacy issues.

If the school becomes aware of any posting or use of photo or video that violates the above guidelines, the UNI Suzuki School reserves the right to request removal of  recordings from public websites (such as YouTube). 

13.  Questions or problems

Questions should be directed to the teacher when possible or to the Director.  Questions regarding fees, program instrument rent, workshop registration, etc., can be directed to the Suzuki Coordinator.