UNI Suzuki


!!!!Click on the purple text to open form or link to more information. Please note the forms that are noted with a green REQUIRED.

Forms for 2015-2016 are not available now.  Note: Pages 1 & 2 per student, Page 3 per family.

DUE: August 1 for beginning student classes and August 10 for all other FALL registrants OR DUE: December 1-- for SPRING

Registration Form Pages 1 & 2 (scheduling & info form)  REQUIRED  Note: adult students, link to form below.

  • Due by August 10 for fall enrollment or by August 1 for beginner class (ages 3 - 6) Late enrollment for new students will be considered only for violin/viola students ages 7 and up or for cello or guitar students.
  • submit one form per student (can be printed front to back)
  • ADULT STUDENTS- please use this form:  adult form REQUIRED FOR ADULT STUDENT

DUE: August 10--for FALL  OR DUE:  December 1-- for SPRING

Registration Form Page 3 (permission form) REQUIRED

  • due with pages 1 & 2--see above for due dates.
  • submit one form per family (required for enrollment)

DUE: May 15--Summer 2015 enrollment form is REQUIRED for summer lessons. Click here.

DUE: May 24--Intent to Register for fall, 2015 and fee REQUIRED of current students

Printable Calendar  2015-2016 (coming soon!)

Financial Assistance Information

Financial Assistance Request (form needed to apply for assistance

  • due by July 15 in the summer prior to fall enrollment

MusicWorks Application (no special form is needed, just put MUSICWORKS on the top of the request form)

  • only for current students, new applicants must be preapproved)

Instrument Rental Agreement (Rental policy)

  • Instruments may be rented from the Suzuki School
  • Rental payments may be paid with instructional fee payments
  • Enrolling in the school does not guarantee an instrument will be available.

Honors Audition Application--get from your teacher

UNI Suzuki Shirt Order Form-not available

Espressivo Shirt or Bag Order Form-not available