UNI Suzuki




If you are receiving this email, you have passed the audition to become a member of the Northern Iowa Junior Orchestra.  If you have been accepted under probationary status, you will receive a separate email. Please read this entire email for all the details.

Please note that our first rehearsal is Friday, October 7 in Graham Hall in Russell Hall.
Please be in your seats by 5:00.  Rehearsal will end at 7:00.
Bring a pencil.
Bass & cello students, please bring your rock stops, the floor is slippery!
Bring your check (payable to UNI Suzuki) for $130.  If you prefer to pay in installments, you may pay $65 now and $65 in January.  Those on probation do not need to pay until their acceptance is granted in January.  In March, your payment for the tour will be due (fee not yet determined....usually $20-$25).
I will be ONLY at the beginning of rehearsal.  So please have your check ready to give to me.
A  note with details of anticipated absences that you did not note on your audition form is also due.  We will also accept notes about anticipated absences again at the first rehearsal in January.

Treats are provided by our members on a rotating basis. Not everyone will have a chance to bring treats as we have a very large group this year.  Treat list is included here for the first three months (selected by random).  It will also be posted on our website.  Plan for 4 dozen, not too messy treats.  Note that we do have members who may be sensitive to nuts and/or chocolate and gluten.  Treat providers are responsible for picking up treat messes, packaging and papers.  The week's treat provider will receive a reminder email.  If I have selected a date that you have notified Mr. Schilke that you would be absent, please let me know and I'll find a replacement treat provider.

October 7--Sarah Gao
November 4--Leo Gibson
December 2--Claire Chenoweth

To access the NIJO web-page:  http://www.uni.edu/music/suzuki
Click on the NIJO logo or go to affiliates under General Info and click on the Northern Iowa Junior Orchestra link.

REMINDER:  You are expected to be at every rehearsal.  By joining you have indicated that NIJO is a priority and you will refrain from adding activities to your busy calendar that conflict with rehearsals from 5:00 -7:00 or the final rehearsal, tour or concert.  Excused absences must be approved in advance.  When adding activities that may conflict, it is your responsibility to notify the other activity coordinator that you will be unavailable on Fridays from 5:00 -7 :00.

NIJO music is your responsibility.  You will be billed for lost music at replacement cost...which may be from $60 - $90.

If you are ill and cannot attend a rehearsal, you may contact me at cathy.craig@uni.edu or call 273-2508 before 4:45 on the day of rehearsal.

Congrats!  This is going to be great year !