UNI Suzuki


Some important points to remember when practicing--
LISTEN:  You must always hear how your instrument sounds.  A pleasant musical sound is desirable.

BE EFFICIENT:  Playing twenty notes over and over again when you only need to correct two is a waste of your time.

USE YOUR HEAD:  The brain directs the muscles-playing two notes over and over again while thinking of next week's ball game is also a waste of your time.

USE YOUR IMAGINATION:  Repetition can become boring.  Try different approaches to a problem.  Change the bowing, the rhythm, play it at the frog, the tip, in the kitchen, in the living room, while standing on one leg! EXPERIMENT!

REVIEW:  Play your old pieces.  Concentrate on playing musically.  You will hear your progress.

PERFORM:  Save part of your practice time for a performance.  Play without stopping.  Imagine an audience.

MAKE A RECORDING:  Record your performance and listen to it objectively.  What is good?  What needs to be improved?  Take notes!


  • Hold you bow firmly but gently.
  • Make sure it travels parallel to the bridge.
  • Don't choke your instrument.
  • Keep violins and violas parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your left hand fingers close to the strings.
  • Keep fingers down when possible (except when using vibrato).
  • Play with energy and vitality.
  • Listen to recordings of great performers.
  • Go to a symphony concert.
  • Always play with a good tone.
  • Never play like a machine.

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