UNI Suzuki

Parking at UNI

UNI Parking Regulations for UNI Suzuki School Families 2014-2015

To park in university lots during the week (Monday - Friday) all families must:

  • display a purchased UNI parking sticker/tag (for faculty/students only)  OR
  • display a purchased UNI Suzuki visitor tag OR
  • pay the parking meters in visitor lots.

UNI Suzuki School families may order Suzuki visitor tags via their registration form and pick it up at registration or contact Suzuki Coordinator to purchase additional tags during the school year.  Tags this year will be $31.20 and is valid from August, 2014 through August, 2015.

DO NOT park in handicapped, loading, metered or service vehicle zones.

Parking tags are not needed for weekends.

Display the tag from your rear view mirror when parking at UNI.

IMPORTANT:  The Suzuki visitor tag allows you to park in the lot accessed off 23rd St. (Schindler Education building) anytime.  It also permits parking in the Russell Hall lot ONLY after 4:00 on weekdays.    Do not park in the drop off space near Russell Hall.  Do not park in any A lots before 4:00 on weekdays. If you must park in the metered spaces, remove your tag and pay the meter.

NOTE:  Suzuki permits are valid only for Suzuki activities and not for other business on campus.

Your Suzuki visitor tag is good through mid-August, 2015.  Keep it safe.  If you lose your tag, a replacement may be purchased from Cathy at group lessons.  You will need to pay the same price for a replacement.  We are issued a limited number of permits so letting her know in advance if you need another tag would be helpful.  Tickets will be issued if you fail to comply with UNI parking regulations.

To order a Suzuki visitor tag, please fill in the appropriate space on your registration form and include the necessary amount per tag ordered.  Checks for tags should be made payable to UNI and must be separate from Suzuki fee checks.  Tags can also be purchased at registration and throughout the school year from Suzuki Coordinator, office 177. Your tag will be $31.20 -for full year, $15.60 for spring and summer session, and $7.80 for summer only.  The tags will be available at registration or at your first lesson.

See map: http://www.uni.edu/infosys/campusmap/

ALL Suzuki individual lessons and group lessons will be at held Russell Hall. 

Replacement tags are available at the above prices.