Bachelor of Music - Music Education

The B.M. Music Education major requires a minimum of 136 total hours for Specialization A, minimum of 137 total hours for Specialization B, and a minimum of 147 total hours for Specialization C to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements, the Professional Education Requirements, the specified major requirements, plus electives to complete the minimum of 136, 137 or 147 hours (depending on specialization).

Degree Requirements

For a complete updated listing of requirements for each of the three B.M. Music Education specializations, please click on the links below:

Additional Major Requirements

  1. For all specializations: degree recital (half recital).
  2. For specialization C (Jazz): two (2) semesters of jazz combo are required in addition to the large ensemble requirement (7 hours) of orchestra, chorus or band.
  3. For all specializations: students must have a minimum grade of C in all music subjects in order to qualify for student teaching.
  4. Large ensemble requirements for guitar majors can be fulfilled by participation in either Jazz I, II, III, or IV, or a jazz combo.
  5. Guitar majors may not pursue the Music Education with Jazz specialization degree.
  6. Students declaring the Jazz Specialization C cannot double major in Instrumental Specialization B within the Music Education Major.