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Prior to coming to camp, please download music for the pregame show. There are three songs for you to download: UNI Fight, Pregame Finale, and Westward Yo.

We ask that you simply play through the music to be familiar with it, but please do not memorize the music yet! The website includes multiple parts for each instrument (for instance, 2nd and 3rd trumpet parts are included). Part assignments for trumpet, clarinet, etc. will be made on the first day of camp. Since you do not know which part you will play, you should only play through the music (you may wish to play though both parts) to get a feel for the rhythm and form of the piece.

Recordings for all three songs can be found here as well. You should use them to help familiarize yourself with the pieces.

UNI Fight

music player

Panther Marching Band
UNI Fight Flute (pdf) UNI Fight Trumpet I (pdf)
UNI Fight Clarinet I (pdf) UNI Fight Trumpet II (pdf)
UNI Fight Clarinet II(pdf) UNI Fight Trumpet III (pdf)
UNI Fight Alto Sax (pdf) UNI Fight Mellophone (pdf)
UNI Fight Tenor Sax (pdf) UNI Fight Trombone I (pdf)
  UNI Fight Trombone II (pdf)
  UNI Fight Baritone BC (pdf)
  UNI Fight Tuba (pdf)

UNI Pregame Finale

music player

Panther Marching Band
UNI Pregame Finale Flute (pdf) UNI Pregame Finale Trumpet 2 (pdf)
UNI Pregame Finale Clarinet (pdf) UNI Pregame Finale Trumpet 3 (pdf)
UNI Pregame Finale Alto Sax (pdf) UNI Pregame Finale Mellophone (pdf)
UNI Pregame Finale Tenor Sax (pdf) UNI Pregame Finale Trombone 1 (pdf)
  UNI Pregame Finale Trombone 2 (pdf)
  UNI Pregame Finale Tuba (pdf)

Westward Yo!

music player

Panther Marching Band
Westward Yo! Flute (pdf) Westward Yo! Trumpet 2 (pdf)
Westward Yo! Clarinet (pdf) Westward Yo! Trumpet 3 (pdf)
Westward Yo! Alto Saxophone (pdf)
Not Available Yet - please check back soon!
Westward Yo! Mellophone (pdf)
Westward Yo! Tenor Sax (pdf) Westward Yo! Trombone 1 (pdf)
  Westward Yo! Trombone 2 (pdf)
  Westward Yo! Baritone BC (pdf)
  Westward Yo! Baritone TC (pdf)
  Westward Yo! Tuba (pdf)