Suggested Repertoire - Woodwinds

Prospective students should choose two contrasting selections (or one longer piece with contrasting sections) in order to demonstrate musicianship, tone quality, and technical ability. Please consider the following compositions as a general guide. Works similar in style to those listed below may be substituted. Select pieces that portray your playing at its very best.


J.S. Bach - Sonata in E flat , Suite in B minor
Chaminade - Concertino
Debussy - Syrinx
Enesco - Cantabile and Presto
Handel - Sonatas in F Major, G Major and E minor
Hindesmith - Sonata, 1st mvt.
Mozart - Concertos in G Major and D Major
Telemann - Suite in A minor


Cimarosa - Concerto in C Major
Handel - Sonatas I and II
Loeillet - Sonata in C Major
Hindemith - Sonata, 1st mvt.
Marcello - Concerto in C minor
Mozart - Concertino (Quartet, KV 370)
Telemann - Sonata in A minor


Cavallini - Adagio & Tarantella
Devienne - Sonata 1 or 2, 1st or 3rd mvt.
Lefebvre - Fantaisie Caprice
Marty - Fantaisie
Mozart - Concerto, 1st or 3rd mvt.
von Weber - Concerto I, 3rd mvt.
von Weber - Concerto II, 1st or 3rd mvt.
von Weber - Concertino


Millars/Haydn - Adagio and Rondo
Mozart - Concerto in B flat, K 191
Phillips - Concert Piece
Telemann - Sonata in F minor
von Weber - Concerto, Op. 75
Wiessenborn - Capriccio


Albinoni - Concerto in D minor (Tenor)
Creston - Sonata (Alto)
Eccles - Sonata (Alto)
Galliard - Sonata (Tenor)
Hieden - Sonata (Alto)
Handel - Sonata #3 (Alto)
Rueff - Chanson et Passepied (Alto)
Vivaldi - Sonata in G minor (Tenor)