This 1940 film documents examples of educational culture and circumstances in Appalachia at the time.
A video introduction to the Iowa Rural Schools Museum in Odeboldt, Sac County, Iowa.
This WBGU documentary from 2008 outlines the history of some of Ohio's first one-room schools, how they developed over the years, and what a typical school day was like through interviews and remembrances of those who were there.
Built in 1860, the Sheldall Schoolhouse, now located in Story City, is the oldest school building in Iowa. Historian and former University of Northern Iowa faculty member takes viewers on a tour of the school and talks about customs of the Norwegians who settled the area around Story City. This program, "TV Schooltime: Landmarks in Iowa History: Story City," originally aired on Iowa's WOI-TV on March 1, 1960. This video is available thanks to the Special Collections Department, Iowa State University Library.
"Scripted film of a 1947 small town meeting in Pittsford, Vermont, produced by the US Army to advance democracy post-war occupied countries. Winter scenes, one-room school house, rural living, snow shoveling, gas station, balloting." (from