The Center for the History of Rural Iowa Education and Culture houses, collects, and maintains primary and secondary Rural School Collections documenting Iowa's rural education system from the late 19th Century to the mid-20th Century.

The Rural School Collections are:

- Rural School Records - includes the Rural School Records as well as artifacts, ephemera, and other items relating to Iowa's rural school system. A database containing finding aids to the Rural School Records is organized by county name and is fully-searchable by keyword.

- History of Education Collections - The History of Education Collections at the Center for the History of Rural Iowa Education and Culture (CHRIEC) document and detail rural culture and education in the United States with particular emphasis on Iowa and the Midwest. The collections are wide in the breadth of subjects cover and include many examples of rural school student work, official school records, photographs, plays, realia, school souvenirs, teaching aids, certificates, personal papers, correspondence, and educational trade publications. A majority of the materials date from the late nineteenth century on up into the late twentieth century.

- Rural School Reference Collection - secondary resources of possible interest to rural school researchers as well as an online bookshelf with links to searchable and downloadable materials.

- Oral History Collection - recorded interviews with former rural school students and teachers gathered and/or conducted by affiliates of the Center Finding aids to the Rural School Records are located in a fully-searchable database.

- Historic Textbook Collection - over 500 textbooks dating from the early 19th century up through the mid 20th century that were used in the rural schools of Iowa.

- Realia Collection - includes chalkboards, metal lunch boxes and buckets, phonographs records, hand-held bells, charts, maps, pencil cases, Christmas and Valentine cards, and other ephemera.