History of Education Collections

The History of Education Collections at the Center for the History of Rural Iowa Education and Culture (CHRIEC) document and detail rural culture and education in the United States with particular emphasis on Iowa and the Midwest. The collections are wide in the breadth of subjects cover and include many examples of rural school student work, official school records, photographs, plays, realia, school souvenirs, teaching aids, certificates, personal papers, correspondence, and educational trade publications. A majority of the materials date from the late nineteenth century on up into the late twentieth century.

RSC/HEC/002 - Aletha Hutchinson (Jacobs) Collection, 1898-1960

RSC/HEC/003 - Dr. William H. Dreier Collection

RSC/HEC/004 - William L. Sherman Collection

RSC/HEC/005 - Jerry and JoAnn Kramer Collection, 1883-2006

RSC/HEC/006 - Fred W. Cover Papers, 1898-1946

RSC/HEC/007 - August Meester Collection, 1927-1955

RSC/HEC/008 - Harry Barck Collection, 1915-1958

RSC/HEC/009 - Jane Fauser Collection, 1902-1989

RSC/HEC/010 - William W. and Helen (Lewis) Gibson Collection, 1883-1968

RSC/HEC/011 - Helen Marine Collection, 1943-1986

RSC/HEC/012 - Rough Woods School Collection, 1924-1929

RSC/HEC/013 - Funnemark Family Collection, 1912-1947

RSC/HEC/014 - Lorraine Turnipseed Collection, 1950-1995

RSC/HEC/015 - Agnes Horn Collection, 1918-1950

RSC/HEC/016 - Paul McCulley Collection, 1872-1893

RSC/HEC/017 - Clark Van Hauen Collection, 1913-1949

RSC/HEC/018 - Nancy Brochers Collection, 1905-1941

RSC/HEC/019 - Harry L. Eells Collection, 1878-1933

RSC/HEC/020 - Dr. Robert Sutton Collection

RSC/HEC/021 - Susan Hightshoe Collection, 1923-1942

RSC/HEC/022 - S. Elouise Walters Collection, 1934-1935