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Wanted: A+ volunteers for educational programs

Education Coordinator, Diane Schupbach, is seeking three different types of “education” volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, or know a retired teacher (or someone else) who is looking for a little something extra to do with his or her time, please let Diane know!

    1. A core group of men/women are needed to present programs to visiting school groups, re-enacting a typical 1922 day at the Marshall Center School. Training and curricular resources are provided. Presenters are called on an as-needed basis. Programs at the schoolhouse usually last about an hour, and one to three classes may visit (for an hour each) on a typical fieldtrip day. Spring, especially April and May, is the busiest time of year for the schoolhouse.
    2. Volunteers who enjoy taking care of “check-in and registration” at our various family and children’s events are requested. These volunteers typically help out for about an hour and a half to two hours, Saturday mornings as needed.
    3. One volunteer with a background in elementary education is needed to help supplement the “education/fieldtrips” section of the Museum web site. This volunteer should feel comfortable working with computers, especially navigating the internet, and would need to be available for two to three hours at a time, at his or her convenience, until the project is completed.

Please contact Diane at 319-273-3276 or to offer your talents and time to the Museum. Volunteers are our heroes!


diane schupbachEducation Volunteer Contact:
Diane Schupbach, Education Coordinator
319-273-3276 or

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