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Get a close look at large animals of the African savannah and read about this diverse ecosystem and its predator-prey relationships.

Animals of the African Savannah

Explore the African Savannah with examples of unusual African wildlife, from aardvarks to warthogs.

The Horns of Africa

See the many different forms that the horns of African antelope can take, from the graceful spirals of the greater kudu to the majestic scimitars of the sable.

One Never Looks the Leopard in the Eyes: Animals in Nigerian Art

Discover the role of nature in Benin art, through cultural artifacts and animal specimens.

The African Experience

Enjoy the art of Hava Hegenbarth, a UNI alum whose biological training is reflected in her colored pencil drawings of African wildlife.

Mastodons in Iowa

Compare the impressive bones of ancient mastodons found in Iowa with those of the modern elephant and bison.


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