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birds animationShore Birds

Worldwide in distribution, this large group of birds includes gulls and sandpipers.

Marsh Birds

Are all birds that wade in shallow water such as marshes as big as herons?

Water Birds

Discover the many sizes, forms, and colorations of water birds, including ones well known to us such as swans, grebes, and mallards.

Upland Birds

See why many of these ground dwellers such as turkeys, quails, and pheasants blend so well with their environment.

Diurnal Birds

Imagine being on the wings of day-hunters such eagles and falcons as they swoop down toward their prey.


Get a close look at these beautiful but less-frequently seen nocturnal hunters.

Perching Birds

Become more familiar with the birds that we see every day. Can you quickly identify a goldfinch, scarlet tanager, or the extinct passenger pigeon?


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