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Section 1 - Introductory material, motions of the Sun, Moon, and planets, physics of light, telescopes
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Example Angle problems - Java Program
Moon Phases Quiz - Java Program
Another Moon Phases Quiz - Java Program
Section 2 - The Sun, other stars, their properties, formation, life and death, supernovae, pulsars, black holes
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Section 3 - The Milky Way and other galaxies, active galaxies, the Universe and its fate
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Homework #5 - PDF - Due November 6
Globular Cluster Information - Question 1
Galaxies - Question 2
Calculate Luminosity - Question 3
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Section 4 - Planets and other things in the solar system.
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Homework #6 - PDF - Due November 20
Transit of Planet
Star masses
Image of transiting planet
HOMEWORK HELP!!! - For question 1 only
HOMEWORK HELP!!! - For question 2 only
Homework #7 - PDF - Due December 11
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