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Veterans Week

In honor of the many men and women who have served in the Armed Forces, The University of Northern Iowa is hosting several events during the week of Veterans Day. In addition to these events, volunteers will also be handing out yellow ribbons for people to wear in order to show support for Veterans of the Armed Forces.

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For more detailed descriptions, please scroll to the bottom of this page or Contact Us.

November 9th:

  • Veterans Appreciation Game at the dome.

November 11th, Veteran's Day:

  • Formal Veterans Ball: 5:30pm in Commons Ballroom. (Free! Register Online at www.uni.edu/military/veterans-ball)
  • ROTC bakesale (Maucker Union)
  • Wear branch gear during the week!!!
  • FREE Food on campus for military and veterans (Must have military ID or proof of service):
    • Chats, Biscotti’s, and 23rd Street Market are offering a FREE bakery item and choice of beverage.
    • Café Fresco or Flares in Prexy’s are offering a FREE sandwich.
    • Essentials is offering a FREE bag of popcorn.

November 12th:

  • 12:15 Trauma Informed Classroom (Maucker Presidential Room)

November 13th:

  • 12pm-1pm Military Resume assistance- Veterans Center
  • 4pm-5pm Support our Troops: Beyond the Decal- panel presentation
  • 5pm- UNIVA meeting
  • 6pm- The Battle for Marjah with Q&A (Tentative)

November 14th:

  • 12:30- Student Transition Panel- Hear from students about challenges of transitioning to a University. CME

November 15th:

  • 6:30am ROTC and Veterans Battalion Run! start at the West Gym. Light run followed by refreshments.




Veterans Ball: The University of Northern Iowa is proud to host a formal Military ball in honor of the Military and Veteran Students and Faculty at UNI. The UNIVA has invited Dr. William Ruud, 10th president of UNI as well as an Army Veteran, to be a Keynote speaker during this event. If you have any questions about this event, please contact the UNIVA at univa@uni.edu.

Trauma informed Classroom: A discussion about what the term “trauma informed” means, and how you can use it to benefit your students. Trauma informed care seeks to change the paradigm from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”

Support our Troops: Beyond the Decal- panel presentation. Decals of Supporting our Troops often decorate clothing and cars, but what does it really mean? Learn from those who work with military members about resources and things you can do to actively Support our Troops.

The Battle for Marjah with Q&A: Follow the Marines into the heart of the war in Afghanistan. Their target: the town of Marjah, a Taliban stronghold. Their tasks: remove the Taliban, hold all ground seized, build infrastructure and governance, and transfer control to Afghan security forces. Q&A will follow with a Marine who was part of the Battle for Marjah and can give insight to decisions made and what is was like to be on the ground.

Student Transition Panel: Students discuss the challenges and opportunities they have had while transitioning from military service to college life, or balancing both at the same time. Please come with questions and a desire to learn more about our military members on campus.

ROTC and Veterans Battalion Run: 3 mile run or walk around UNI.