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Veteran Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities:


  • Willis Dady Emergency Shelter (.pdf)

    Job Title: Case Manager

    Description:The Case Manager is responsible for individual case management service including, but not limited to: resource referral, goal setting, advocacy, coordination of services, and networking for low income U.S. Veteran families. Sound judgment, collaborative style, ethical conduct and motivational interviewing or similar techniques are essential to success in this position.

    How to Apply: Send resume and cover letter to wdesed@willisdady.org


  • Iowa Workforce Development

    Job Title: VA Work-Study

    Description: Iowa Workforce Development is looking for a VA Work-Study in the following majors: Social Work, Psychology, Management, or Criminology. Must be 3/4 student and receiving Chapter 31 or GI Bill. Pay is $7.25 and hours are Mon-Fri 8-4:30. Some additional hours on weekends or evenings may be available.

    How to Apply: Email Joan at JoanKoffler@iwd.iowa.gov

Volunteer opportunities:

  • The Mission Continues

The Mission Continues sponsors veteran’s enrollment in a 6-month service and leadership program. These Fellows dedicate themselves to serving in their community, volunteering for at least 20 hours a week in a community organization to address issues like homelessness, illiteracy and unemployment. The Mission Continues provides the tools, direction and a living stipend to these veterans, while the veterans deploy their experience, their skills and their desire against our communities’ most pressing problems.