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Military and Veteran Student Services

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Module 6: Potential Stressors

Module 6: Potential StressorsStresses of military life in garrison (Non-deployment status)

  • Military comes first
    • Physical fitness is mandatory. Service members on active duty are required to attend PT (Physical training) for a minimum of 5 days a week as a unit. Training may start around 6 am followed by a minimum of an 8 hour work day.
    • Lots of job training
      • A high degree of job proficiency is required – When not deployed, training is a regular part of daily activities.
      • Training is realistic – Some service members are wounded or killed in training.
      • Temporary Duty (TDY) for additional training at locations away from home, which includes month long schools to be eligible for promotion to the next rank.
  • Mass punishment for negative conduct of one service member (unit may be called in to work over weekends, early morning or late evenings).
  • Before/after deployments boredom can be stressful since service members go from a high intensity real threat environment to a comparatively relaxed environment (training only). This change of environment can sometimes lead to unhealthy thrill seeking behavior (ex. drugs/alcohol, speeding,
  • Navy members may do short training rotations on ships every few months.


  • End time in Service (ETS): Potential stresses
    • I had a mission, purpose and respect with rank– now I’m a freshman/civilian – loss of identity.
    • Difficulty translating military skills and experiences to civilian terminology.
      • Little resume experience.
    • Moving to something unknown
      • No Military culture/support.
      • General moving stressors.
      • Hometown will be different upon return.
    • Stop lossed- Prepared to leave and then Military involuntarily extends you.  Often during war/threat of war.
    • Changes in friends/family etc
      • Leaving your friends who you have been through rough times.
      • Hard to meet new friends.
      • Learning new family roles.
    • Stress of not having the military community as a service member learns how to navigate the Veterans Hospital and Education Benefits, filing disability claims if injured in the service, etc.
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