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1300.1 Commercial sales are defined as the sale (or placement of orders) of those items produced for resale or distribution by commercial businesses or individuals. This includes items acquired on consignment, items sold where a portion of sales is given to the sponsoring group, and all promotional activities. Commercial sales are allowed under the following guidelines:

a) Maucker Union reserves the right to restrict sales of merchandise which conflict with Maucker Union revenue producing areas or Maucker Union/Union Advisory Board sponsored sales. Maucker Union also reserves the right to restrict the use of incentives for purchase if such incentives may negatively impact Maucker Union revenue.

b) Commercial sales or promotions must be sponsored by a recognized student organization or campus department.

c) The sponsoring organization is responsible for payment of fees. Payment is due no later than the opening day of the sale. Any additional fees incurred during the sale (custodial, setup, etc.) will also be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization and will be charged to them. Reservations will be made when the sponsoring organization presents a completed fundraising form ("green sheet") at the Administrative Office. No reservations will be made without the completed fundraising form.

d) Fees and charges will be assessed to the sponsoring organization unless the event is cancelled two working days in advance of the event. Any charges already incurred by Maucker Union at the time of the cancellation will be assessed to the sponsoring organization.

e) Maucker Union reserves the right to designate the appropriate space for the sale. Fees will be assessed at the outside user rate (C group - Sales). Rooms requiring an alteration to the standard setup or additional custodial fees may incur charges in addition to room rental.

f) If the sale is held in a meeting room, an information table can be reserved on sale days (if available) at no additional charge for purposes of publicity only. No sales are to take place at information tables if a room has been designated for the purpose.

g) Sales of the same merchandise by the same company may be held no more than three times per semester unless prior approval is granted by the Director of Maucker Union or designee.

h) Commercial sales are limited to a maximum of three days per sale unless prior approval is granted by the Director of Maucker Union or designee.

i) No solicitations for credit card or orders for credit cards are permitted.

j) Sales or promotions of any kind must comply with state and federal law as well as University and Board of Regents policies. All sales or promotions must be for merchandise of the highest quality and reflect positively on the University and Maucker Union.

1300.2 University groups conducting sales of items produced by their own means (i.e. bake sales), owned by the organization (inventory previously purchased by the group), or items bearing the organization's specific name or logo (i.e. t-shirts) may reserve space for the sale (as approved by Maucker Union) and will be charged as a university group generating funds (B group). Restrictions and limitations outlined in 1300.1 also apply to 1300.2 .

1300.3 University groups may conduct philanthropic sales/fundraisers (defined as when all proceeds are given to the identified charity) and will be charged as a B group. Maucker Union reserves the right to evaluate whether or not the charity in question qualifies. Groups are allowed one waiver per semester in compliance with 1300.7 (below).

1300.4 The meeting rooms are primarily intended to be used for meetings and other similar kinds of activities. They can be used for sales in compliance with 1300.1 and 1300.2 with appropriate fees and as approved by the Business/Operations Manager.

1300.5 Sales must be limited to the immediate area agreed upon by the Administrative Office and must be presented in a neat and orderly manner. Active solicitation of clients in the corridors, Coffeehouse or meeting rooms is prohibited.

1300.6 Sales of memorabilia or merchandise sold in conjunction with and directly related to a scheduled program are allowed within the confines of the reserved space. These sales must have prior approval from the Business/Operations Manager and appropriate fees will be assessed at that time.

1300.7 Waiver or reduction of room and table fees may be requested by applying to the Business/Operations Manager at least five working days in advance of the sale. If a waiver is granted, it shall be for the specific sale indicated and does not constitute an automatic waiver for future sales for the same purpose or by the same group.

1300.8 Maucker Union reserves the right to determine whether or not proposed sales are in compliance with the policy. Appeals will be processed through the Administrative Office.

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