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Maucker Union provides space for the campus community to display advertising, announcements and messages in the form of bulletin boards, electronic messages, table tents, and display cases. University recognized Groups/Departments and pre-approved non-profit community groups may advertise.

The following criteria must be adhered to for posting messages, advertising or displays:

a) Name or logo of the organization must appear on each piece;
b) Message does not promote consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of tobacco products;
c) Message does not violate university policies;
d) Message does not advertise products or services of a commercial business except when products or services are being sold as a fundraiser that has already been approved by the Student Involvement & Activities Center, Director of Maucker Union or designee;
e) Content is primarily focused on the event or message of the sponsoring organization or department with no more than one-third containing information regarding a commercial sponsor, product, or service.
f) No personal messages.

1001. Bulletin Boards

1001.1 Two (2) kiosks on the main level and bulletin boards on the lower level in the north and south corridors may be used for posting signs.

1001.2 University organizations/departments and pre-approved non-profit community groups are authorized and groups may post one sign only on each of these display areas. Dated or unauthorized signs will be removed without notification.

1001.3 The name of the sponsoring organization must appear on the sign.

1001.4 An organization sponsoring an event, meeting, or Information Table in Maucker Union may request sign standards from the Administrative Office to advertise their event. Event/meeting signs may be posted at the entrances 1-2 hours prior to the event unless other arrangements are made with the Business/Operations Manager. Signs for Information Tables should be placed only at the designated table.

1001.5 No taping, stapling, tacking or adhering to any walls, windows, or furniture in the building (including concrete) is allowed. This includes all sidewalks around the building and the Plaza (the roof). Any damages will be assessed to the sponsoring group or individual. Special requests can be directed to the Business/Operations Manager.

1001.6 Maucker Union reserves the right to determine and remove unauthorized signs.

1002. For Sale/Wanted Board

1002.1 Lockable, glass-enclosed bulletin boards are located on the main level, north corridor for the purpose of advertising items in the categories of "Wanted", "For Sale", "For Rent", and "Miscellaneous" for all user groups.

1002.2 Only Maucker Union cards will be posted on these boards. Cards are available at the Administrative Office and the Information Desk. Completed cards may be submitted to the Administrative Office.

1002.3 All information presented must be dated and confined to one card. Cards will be posted daily, Monday - Friday for a maximum of 21 days.

1002.4 Maucker Union reserves the right not to post cards.

1003. Table Tents

1003.1 Table tent space must be reserved at the Administrative Office. Building Manager will be responsible for clearing off all table tents in the Coffeehouse and Hemisphere Lounge.

1003.2 Table tents may be placed on Coffeehouse and Hemisphere Lounge. No more than two (2) table tents per table shall be permitted at any one time. Tents will be allowed to remain for two (2) days (Monday-Tuesday), (Wednesday-Thursday) or three (3) days (Friday-Sunday) during the regular academic year. Summer session reservations will be allowed to remain for five (5) days (Monday-Friday).

1003.3 Only recognized university organizations/departments are allowed to use this service and are responsible for distributing their table tents. Any exceptions require approval of the Director of Maucker Union.

1004. Electronic Message Boards

1004.1 Electronic message board is located at the southwest entrance.

1004.2 Recognized organizations may reserve space on the electronic message board for a period not to exceed two (2) weeks by filling out a message form at the Administrative Office.

1004.3 Recognized events held in Maucker Union may reserve space on the electronic message board for a period not to exceed the day(s) of the scheduled event by filling out a message form at the Administrative Office.

1004.4 No solicitation or personal messages are allowed.

1004.5 Maucker Union reserves the right to edit or limit messages.

1005. Display Cases

1005.1 Publicity space is provided in enclosed sign display boards on the Coffeehouse north corridor wall by the Ballroom Lobby for use by any recognized university organization.

1005.2 Cases may be reserved through the Student Involvement and Activities Center (SIAC) for a period not to exceed one (1) week for student organizations and university departments (see SIAC for current charges for department usage). SIAC staff will put up and take down signs daily (Monday-Friday). All signs must have SIAC approval, and be no smaller than 18" x 24" and no larger than 22" x 28". All signs must be delivered to the SIAC by 3:00 p.m. to ensure they go up on the day reserved.

1005.3 Poster Maker/Laminator services are available for a fee through the Student Involvement and Activities Center (SIAC).

1005.4 Maucker Union reserves the right to limit consecutive usage of display cases by the same organization in order to allow the greatest number of groups access to this service.

1005.5 Sponsor is responsible for all sign design and materials required (i.e., magic markers, paint, etc.). Sponsor may make special arrangements through the SIAC for alternate display ideas (i.e. poster board, 3 dimensional) which do not damage display case surface. Maucker Union reserves the right to bill organizations/departments for damage to display cases.

1005.6 All signs will be discarded at the end of the reservation time unless the sign was requested in writing to be saved. All "saved" signs must be picked up at the SIAC no later than three (3) working days after the last date of the reservation. After three (3) working days signs will be discarded. Maucker Union is not responsible for condition of returned signs.

1006. Vinyl Banners

1006.1 Two spots are available for the display of vinyl banners by student organizations and campus departments: between the concrete pillars leading into the Coffeehouse at the base of the Prexy’s stairway, and between the concrete pillars leading down to the Computer Center/Lower Level from the Coffeehouse. Student organizations and campus departments will be charged rental for banner space as specified in Maucker Union fee schedules.

1006.2 All banner designs must be submitted to Maucker Union for review and approval prior to banner production. Maucker Union reserves the right to refuse to approve or hang any banner which does not comply with the criteria listed above, which does not comply with University policy, or which is deemed inappropriate for a major public gathering location on campus. For example, banners may be deemed inappropriate if they interfere with the creation of a University environment which is free from illegal discrimination and harassment based upon age, color, creed, disability, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status or other protected class. Maucker Union reserves the right to temporarily remove banners during specific events.

1006.3 Banners may be displayed for no longer than one week, with the week being defined as Monday through Friday. Banners will be removed after the events to which they refer are over. No more than two banners will be displayed at one time. Banners will be installed and removed by Maucker Union personnel.

1006.4 Banners are to promote events sponsored by student organizations and campus departments, and the advertising criteria listed above apply. Banners that refer to an event in general, in order to be re-used from year to year, are encouraged to include the address of a web site where information about the event can be found.

1006.5 All banners must be 9 feet in width and 3 feet in length. Banners must be professionally produced vinyl banners, and must have metal grommets for hanging in all four corners. Banners without grommets will not be installed.

1006.6 Banners must be submitted for hanging by noon on the Friday before the week they will be displayed.

1006.7 Political or campaign related banners are limited to NISG student elections only. Events related to candidates, issues or campaigns may be promoted.

1006.8 Maucker Union is not responsible for lost or damaged banners. Banners not picked up within one week of their removal will be disposed of by Maucker Union.

1006.9 The charge for posting a banner will be $25 for registered student organizations and $150 for University departments and affiliated organizations. For events which are co-sponsored by both a registered student organization and a University department or affiliated organization, Maucker Union will assess the charge based upon a determination of which organization is the primary sponsor or “driving force” behind the event. The factors reviewed in this determination may include: the status (e.g. student organization member or University department employee) of the individual providing event information to Maucker Union, the account number(s) provided for the event, the target audience and anticipated audience composition for the event, and the specific activities included in the event.

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