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Maucker Union's facilities are available for use by the entire campus community including students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors of the University. The facility includes areas that are open to the general public and those which may be reserved for specific programming. Policies governing use and fee assessments are based on three categories of user groups.

601. User Groups

Maucker Union administration reserves the right to determine whether or not an individual or group falls into one of the following categories:

Group A: Recognized University groups include all faculty/staff groups, departments and recognized student organizations associated directly with the University and engaged in University business for a University audience.

Group B: Recognized University groups (See Group A) using facility space and charging admission, registration fees, meal fees, or generating funds in any manner before, during, or after an event. This includes events (i.e., camps, conferences, seminars, meetings) that are sponsored or co-sponsored by University departments or individuals and are related to University activities.

Group C: Non-affiliated groups including all profit and non-profit organizations, corporations, businesses, clubs and individuals not associated directly with the University. This includes events (i.e., camps, conferences, seminars, meetings) that are sponsored or co-sponsored by University departments or individuals but not related to University activities.

602. Reservation Policies and Procedures

602.1 All reservations must be made by writing, phoning, e-mail, electronic reservation form, or visiting the Administrative Office during normal operating business hours and must be made by a member of the sponsoring group who will be held responsible for the reservation. All reservations are subject to change by the Administrative Office.

602.2 Two year advance reservations, from the date the request is made, are available. If a reservation is unable to be made because the Administrative Office is closed, the reservation may be made the following business day.

602.3 Priority reservations are given to major campus and Maucker Union sponsored events. All other reservations will be made on a first-come first-serve basis. In the event two or more groups are requesting the same date simultaneously when the Administrative Office opens for business, a lottery drawing will determine who gets the date requested. The lottery drawing consists of the following:

A) Each group will pick a number between 1-100, writing it down on a piece of paper.
B) If the numbers picked by the groups are the same, each group picks another number (can be the same number) until two separate numbers are chosen.
C) Maucker Union staff will hand draw a number out of a container which contains one hundred pieces of paper numbered 1-100.
D) The group that is the closest to the number drawn gets the date requested. If a tie results, a new number is drawn until a clear winner has been decided.

602.4 Non-University Groups requesting space in academic buildings may contact the Maucker Union Administrative Office to make reservations.

602.5 Outdoor Event spaces are reserved through the Maucker Union Administrative Office.

602.6 Regular academic classes are prohibited from meeting in Maucker Union unless approved by the Business/Operations Manager. Social hours for classes and informal discussion groups may use the Maucker Union facilities but the intent of such sessions should be different from a regular academic class meeting in a classroom situation.

602.7 Room cancellations (particularly those requiring special set up) must be made at least two business days in advance of the scheduled event to avoid any charges.

602.8 Support equipment (i.e., projectors, T.V./VCR's) may be reserved as available.

602.9 Individuals or groups using meeting rooms must leave them in a condition comparable to that found at the time of occupancy, otherwise an assessment will be charged (See section # 615 - Damages to Building and Property).

602.10 Maucker Union will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

603. Meeting Rooms - Standard Setup Configuration

Standard set up rooms are reserved on a back-to-back schedule with little time allowed between meetings. Minimal catering services are allowed in these rooms (i.e., beverages, pastries, sack lunches), however, no changes are allowed in the physical set up of the room without prior approval from the Administrative Office.

603.1 The Presidential Room is arranged with tables/chairs in a hollow square for 24 people.

603.2 The College Eye Room is arranged with tables/chairs in a hollow square for 20 people.

603.3 The Old Gold Room (Wheelchair accessible through College Eye Room) is arranged with tables/chairs in a hollow square for 20 people.

603.4 The Purple Pen Room (Wheelchair accessible through College Eye Room) is arranged with tables/chairs in a hollow square for 20 people.

603.5 The State College Room is arranged with tables/chairs in a classroom style for 30 people.

603.6 The Oak Room is arranged with tables/chairs in a hollow square for 32 people.

603.7 The Elm Room is arranged with chairs in a lecture style arrangement for 50 people.

603.8 The Meditation Room (not wheelchair accessible) seats 8 people around a conference table seating and four additional chairs away from the table.

603.9 The Student Involvement and Activities Center (SIAC) Conference Room is arranged with a round conference table/chairs for 18 people.

604. Meeting Rooms - Flexible Setup Configuration

Flexible meeting space is available in rooms arranged to meet the user's specific needs, based on availability of tables, chairs and other support equipment. These rooms may also be used for catering events such as meals and receptions (See section # 800 - Catering/Alcohol and Special Events).

604.1 The University Room is designed to accommodate various types of meetings, receptions, lectures, and special events. The capacity of the room is 150 lecture style, and 96 banquet-style.

604.2 The Old Central Ballroom Room (ABC) is designed to accommodate various types of meetings, receptions, lectures and special events. The whole room can accommodate 700 people lecture-style and 480 banquet-style. Moveable partitions divide the space into three equal-sized rooms.

604.3 The Old Central Ballroom Lobby provides registration and reception space for users of the Old Central Ballroom. Other users may reserve the Lobby area if no conflict occurs with the Old Central Ballroom reservations as determined by the Business/Operations Manager.

605. Coffeehouse (including Coffeehouse Bays)

605.1 The Coffeehouse is a common area designed to provide an informal, open atmosphere for dining, studying, and socializing.

605.2 Any programs, entertainment, or scheduling of the space requires the approval from the Director or designee and should adhere to the overall nature of the space. The user is subject to facility charges.

605.3 The Coffeehouse may not be reserved for exclusive use except by approval of the Director.

606. Hemisphere Lounge (including Hemisphere Lounge Bays) (Lower level is not wheelchair accessible)

606.1 The Hemisphere Lounge is designed to allow for informal discussions, studying, and socializing.

606.2 Any programs, entertainment, or scheduling of the space requires the approval of the Business/Operations Manager and should adhere to the overall nature of the space.

607. Information Tables

607.1 Information Tables are provided as corridor tables 1 - 4 in the west corridor adjacent to the Coffeehouse with the primary purpose of providing information, publicity, and recruiting.

607.2 Groups are allowed to reserve tables through the Administrative Office and may reserve only one table daily. If a second table is needed, an additional table may be reserved 24 hours in advance if available.

607.3 Tables shall not be reserved for more than three (3) days in any one week.

607.4 Tables may not be removed from assigned space and no tables may be added to the assigned locations.

607.5 All displays and equipment must be confined to assigned table space so as not to interfere with adjacent table space or pedestrian traffic.

607.6 Each reserved table must display a sign or banner which names the sponsoring group.

607.7 Any exceptions to above policies must be approved by the Business/Operations Manager.

607.8 All table reservations are subject to Section # 1300 - Sales of Merchandise Policy.

608. Pedestrian Plaza / Courtyard

608.1 The Pedestrian Plaza (located on top of Maucker Union) or the Courtyard (located by the reflecting pool), must be reserved in the same manner as other meeting space in the building.

608.2 When reserving the Pedestrian Plaza or Courtyard, an available alternate site may also be reserved in the Maucker Union in case of inclement weather.

608.3 Food service or food sales are prohibited with the exception of Catering/Alcohol and Special Events policy - Section # 800.

608.4 Skate boarding and rollerblading on the Plaza and stairs are prohibited.

608.5 All sound reinforcement system requests must be approved by the Director of Maucker Union or designee. Consideration will be given based on the following criteria:

A) Generally speaking, sound reinforcement may by used for the campus-wide special events only. Maucker Union staff will communicate dates and times in advance to University staff and faculty via UNI-Online.

B) Sound reinforcement equipment will not be permitted on the Plaza or Courtyard during the following times: Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.; Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; Saturday - Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. except by approval of the Director or designee.

C) Monday - Thursday Evenings: Programs using sound reinforcement systems should not begin earlier than 8:30 p.m. to avoid class conflict as much as possible and end no later than 11:00 p.m..

D) Friday Evenings: Programs using sound reinforcement systems should not begin earlier than 5:00 p.m. and end no later than 11:00 p.m..

E) Saturday - Sunday and University Holidays: Programs using sound reinforcement systems should not begin earlier than 10:00 a.m. and end no later than 11:00 p.m..

F) Maucker Union staff will evaluate the schedule and timing of academic activities taking place near the Union, i.e. classes, educational testing, mid-terms, finals, prior to finals, etc.

G) Maucker Union staff will be responsive to concerns raised and attempt to accommodate needs by lowering the sound levels if possible and by taking into consideration comments as future requests are made.

H) Maucker Union staff will clearly communicate expectations to users in advance of the event and will monitor the event as it occurs.

609. Memorial Gardens / East Lawn

609.1 The Memorial Gardens area (East side of building) is reserved in the same manner as other meeting space in the building.

609.2 When reserving the Memorial Gardens, an alternate site may also be reserved in Maucker Union in case of inclement weather. The CME may also be contacted as an alternate location. Any reservation for the CME space is handled directly by the CME staff.

609.3 Food service or food sales are prohibited with the exception of the Catering/Alcohol and Special Events policy - Section 800, and the University Food Policy.

609.4 Skateboarding and rollerblading are prohibited in, on, or surrounding Maucker Union. Sport shoes with wheeled heels are prohibited inside of Maucker Union.

609.5 Sound reinforcement requests will follow the Sound Reinforcement Systems policy - Section 608.5.

610. Plaza Level Hallway / Lounge

610.1 The Plaza level hallway/lounge area may be reserved for small receptions in the same manner as other meeting space in the building.

610.2 Catering should be consistent with the Catering/Alcohol and Special Events policy - Section 800, and the Univeristy Food Policy.

610.3 Information tables may be reserved to support special events. Arrangements for information tables may be made when the main reservation is made.

610.4 The CME and International Services will be responsible for equipment, setup/teardown, cleaning and maintenance requirements for events held in their spaces, unless prior arrangements are made with Maucker Union.

611. Unscheduled Room and Equipment Requests

611.1 After Administrative Office operating hours, any groups or individuals requesting rooms or equipment that have not been previously reserved should contact the Building Manager.

611.2 After office hours, room and equipment requests will be provided as available to recognized groups/individuals by the Building Manager. Sponsors will be advised as to proper reservations procedures and charges will be assessed as appropriate. The Building Manager will note the sponsoring group's name and equipment used in the night report.

612. Billiard and Foosball Tables

612.1 Billiard and foosball tables may be reserved by recognized student/staff groups for special events with the approval of the Business/Operations Manager.

612.2 Billiard and foosball table fees are on a pay per game (coin-operation) fee. Arrangements can be made with the Business/Operations Manager for hourly rates. Players must return equipment to designated location when finished.

612.3 Sitting and leaning on tables is prohibited.

612.4 Wagering in any form is prohibited.

612.5 Any programs, entertainment, or scheduling of the space requires approval from the Business/Operations Manager and should adhere to the overall nature of the space. Tables/space may not be reserved for meetings.

612.6 Organizations reserving space are responsible for any fees/charges incurred. Costs for excessive cleaning or repair/replacement of furniture or equipment damaged by the organization will be assessed to the individual or group responsible.

612.7 Table tents and other promotional materials are limited to Maucker Union policy. (See section #1003 - Table Tents)

613. Coffeehouse Television Monitors Policy

Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) provides space for the campus community to display advertising, announcements, and messages through the use of the television monitors located in the Maucker Union Coffeehouse and Hemisphere Lounge. University recognized groups/departments and approved non-profit community groups may also advertise.

613.1 Each year, the by-laws for these monitors will be reevaluated by a sub-committee of the Student Affairs Committee. This is to ensure that the by-laws reflect positively on the mission of Maucker Union and university policies, along with student views and opinions on monitor usage.

613.2 Use of the monitors for advertising and other pre-approved purposes is free to all recognized student organizations, university offices, departments, colleges, and divisions.

613.3 NISG does not necessarily endorse messages or views expressed in advertisements.

Criteria for Approval

613.4 The name or logo of the organization must appear on each advertising monitor slide.

613.5 There is a limit of one slide per event, but multiple organizations/departments sponsoring the same event may submit one slide per organization.

613.6 The message of the advertising slide cannot promote consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of tobacco products or drugs.

613.7 Advertising slides cannot promote credit cards.

613.8 All advertising slides must be in compliance with any and all applicable University of Northern Iowa Policies and Procedures.

613.9 Advertising slides may advertise products or services of a commercial business if they are part of a fundraiser or program for a recognized student organization or campus department. All commercial sales or promotions advertised on the monitors must be sponsored by a recognized student organization or campus department.

613.10 As the content of advertising slides should be primarily focused on the event or message of the sponsoring organization or department, no more than one-third of the message can contain information regarding a commercial sponsor, product, or service.

613.11 All advertising slide submissions must follow the Procedure for Approval, as detailed below.

Procedure for Approval of Advertising Slides

613.12 To run an advertising slide on the Maucker Union monitors, organizations/departments must email the desired advertising slide to at least three business days before they wish the advertising slide to run on the monitors.

613.13 Included within this email, organizations/departments should include a person and their contact information, name of the organization or department, the name of the event, and the requested dates to run the advertising slide.

613.14 All advertising slides should be in jpeg format, and should be titled under name of organization and event (e.g. NISGGreenWeek.jpeg)

613.15 Upon receiving advertising slide requests, the NISG Office Manager will contact organizations/departments if there is an issue with the requested slide.

613.16 The NISG Office Manager will manage the submission and posting process for all monitor slides, according to the criteria in these By-Laws. Any questions regarding the application of these criteria in specific cases will be addressed by the Student Affairs Committee of the NISG Senate.

613.17 Advertising slides will only be allowed to run for a period of (up to) two weeks without resubmission and will be removed once the event has transpired.

613.18 If an organization/department wishes to run an advertising slide for longer than two weeks, the slide must be resubmitted to

613.19 NISG does not and will not alter images. They are displayed as submitted.

613.20 NISG does not and will not guarantee the appearance (readability, cut-offs, discoloration, etc.) of images. It is highly encouraged that organizations/departments wishing to advertise read through the Design guidelines available on the NISG website (

614. Student Organization Spaces

614.1 Student Organization Spaces in Maucker Union currently consists of the student operated radio station (KULT), student newspaper (The Northern Iowan), student government office (Northern Iowa Student Government, NISG), the Student Organization Center (SOC), and the Student Involvement and Activities Center (SIAC) and the student organization resource storage room.

614.2 The above assigned spaces are provided without rental charges.

614.3 Each organization will provide and pay for telephone service if desired.

614.4 Existing office furnishings are provided by Maucker Union as available. Additional furnishings and equipment required by the student group is to be provided and maintained by the organization. Additional equipment and furnishings must be approved in advance by the Business/Operations Manager.

614.5 Allocation of student organization office space in the SIAC is determined by applications reviewed and approved by the Associate Director of Maucker Union.

614.6 Keys will be distributed for student organization spaces. Keys for desks and file cabinets may be obtained from the SIAC.

614.7 Allocated areas will close one-half hour before the building unless special permission is granted by the Director or the Business/Operations Manager.

614.8 Notices and posters may be hung on bulletin boards only.

614.9 Food and beverages are permitted. Food product can not be stored in the SIAC. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

614.10 Student organizations are responsible for keeping their office space clean. Failure to do so, may result in re-assignment of your office space assignment.

614.11 Distribution of materials in student organization mailboxes in the SOC must be approved in advanced by the Student Involvement & Activities Center. Fees may be assessed.

614.12 Only authorized individuals are permitted to have access to secured areas.

615. Damages to Building and Property

615.1 Damages are those other than normal wear and tear to the exterior/interior of the building, its grounds, and anything therein.

615.2 A group, department, organization or individual responsible for any negligent or intentional damages to the building, its grounds, furnishings, or equipment shall be held responsible.

615.3 Any costs incurred for cleaning, repairing, and/or replacing damaged or defaced property shall be assessed to the individual or group responsible.

616. Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire UNI campus, including Maucker Union and the outdoor areas surrounding Maucker Union. Additional information is available in Iowa's Smokefree Air Act, effective July 1, 2008.

617. Decorations

617.1 All decorations provided by user groups must have the approval of the Business/Operations Manager.

617.2 No taping, stapling, tacking, or adhering to any walls, windows, furniture, or floors will be allowed. White/Yellow sticky-tack putty may be used on non-painted surfaces (excluding cement and brick). Blue painters tape may be used on surfaces except on floors and ceilings.

617.3 Any banners or special signs that are requested to be hung must be delivered to the Administrative Office 24 hours prior to the reservation.

617.4 Decorative items that may cause discoloration of furniture, walls, or floor surfaces will not be allowed.

617.5 The use of pyrotechnics will not be allowed.

617.6 Fogging devices may be used only with prior approval of the Business/Operations Manager at the time of the event setup meeting.

617.7 The use of open flame is restricted to the stationary use of candles in enclosed holders (i.e., votives) to be used as table decorations for dining or special entertaining events. The use of hand held candles is prohibited, except by special permission and arrangements made with the Business/Operations Manager. All events using open flame must be monitored by Maucker Union personnel who have been trained in University fire safety procedures. (See section # 205 Fire Safety Open Flame)

617.8 Confetti, glitter and dance floor enhancements that may adhere to the cracks in the Old Central Ballroom floor are not allowed (including table decorations).

617.9 Safeguards must be taken to prevent damage to the surface of the Old Central Ballroom floor (i.e., protection from scratching the surface and contact with moisture).

617.10 The moving of any art display is not allowed without the express consent of the Maucker Union Director.

617.11 Decorations or furniture should not block doorways, fire exits, or interfere with traffic patterns.

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