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The following rules shall be construed so as not to abridge any person's constitutional right of free expression of thought or opinion, including the traditional American right to assemble peaceably and to petition authorities. All user conduct is subject to University policy.

401. Rules of Personal Conduct (UNI POLICY, 3.03)

Any person -- student, member of the faculty or staff, or visitor -- who intentionally commits, attempts to commit, or incites or aids others in committing any of the following acts of misconduct shall be subject to disciplinary procedures by the University according to University policy.

401.1 Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other university or university-authorized function or event.

401.2 Unauthorized occupation or use of or unauthorized entry into any university facility is prohibited. These activities shall be deemed unauthorized if specifically prohibited, if that facility is closed at that time to general use, or if the person fails to comply with proper notice to leave.

401.3 Physical abuse or the threat of physical abuse against any person on the campus or at any university-authorized function or event, or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any such person.

401.4 Theft of or damage to property of the University or of a person on the campus.

401.5 Interference with the right of access to University facilities or with any other lawful right of any person on the campus.

401.6 Setting a fire on the campus without proper authority.

401.7 Use or possession on the campus of firearms, ammunition, or other dangerous weapons, substances, or materials (except as expressly authorized by the University), or of bombs, explosives, or explosive or incendiary devices prohibited by law.

401.8 Conduct off-campus which leads directly to a violation of any of subsections of this section.

402. Behavioral Problems Procedure

402.1 When problematic behaviors are observed or reported, identify yourself to the person or persons causing the problems as a Maucker Union employee and request that they conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

402.2 If the problems persist you may ask the individual(s) to leave the building and if at all possible attempt to secure names.

402.3 If the individual or individuals do not comply with your request to leave the building call UNI Police (273-2712).

402.4 At this point the UNI Police Officer will confront the offenders and ask them to leave.

402.5 In the event of a serious or potentially life-threating situation, or in situations beyond the expertise or comfort level of the staff member, UNI Police should be cantacted to handle the matter.

403. Sales and Use of Drugs or Unauthorized alcohol in Maucker Union.

If a staff person suspects or receives reports of drugs of any kind are being sold, distributed or used in the building, inform the Maucker Union Director and notify UNI Police immediately.

404. Demonstrations and Picketing

404.1 Maucker Union will permit demonstrations and picketing in areas governed by Maucker Union policies, provided such actions do not violate established University policies, local, state and federal laws.

404.2 Maucker Union reserves the right to regulate time, place, and manner of any demonstrations or picketing, which occurs within areas governed by Maucker Union policies.

404.3 If demonstrators / picketers violate University policies, local, state or federal laws, UNI Police will be asked to notify them of their violation. Those who continue in violation shall be subject to disciplinary procedures.

405. Unattended Minors in the Building

405.1 Minors should be accompanied and supervised by an adult while in the building.

405.2 Unattended minors may be escorted to a safe area, depending on the age of the child and the circumstances involved, to await pick-up by a parent or guardian.

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