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301. Locking-up Building Procedure

301.1 Ten (10) minutes before closing:

* lock doors to allow for exiting only.
* switch off handicapped entry door.
* notify all people in the Coffeehouse, meeting rooms, offices that the building will close in 10 minutes.
* close/check north emergency exits outside doors next to the Central Ballroom P.A. Control Room/mechanical room and lower level emergency exits.
* secure all meeting rooms.

301.2 At closing time, notify those remaining that the building is closed and instruct them to exit the building through the push-doors.

* make tour of building checking all accessible areas.
* lock down all stairwell security doors.
* lock down the NE elevator.
* check and lock all loading dock doors.
* turn off lights with the six area master switches (emergency lights will stay illuminated). If Food Service or Catering personnel remain after closing, notify the supervisor to turn off the lights when they leave. If Plaza Level event personnel remain after closing, notify them to turn off the lights when they leave.
* Requests for after hours access are to be approved by the Director, Associate Director, or the Business/Operations Manger.

302. Key policy

302.1 Maucker Union employees: All keys are to be approved by the Business/ Operations Manager. Employee keys are to be picked up and returned to Physical Plant.

302.2 Students: All keys are to be approved by the Business/Operations Manager. Keys will be issued and returned at the Physical Plant.

302.3 All employees and students shall be held accountable for their assigned keys. Keys are not to be loaned or passed to other individuals and are not to be kept in desk drawers, file cabinets, or other unsecured places.

302.4 Notify the Business/Operations Manager immediately when a key is lost or misplaced. When security of an area is at risk due to a lost key, the university reserves the right to charge re-keying costs to the individual responsible.

302.5 Report key and lock problems to the Business/Operations Manager.

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