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Food and Beverage Policy for Events on Campus
Assisted Preparation Exception

This electronic form must be completed and approved by the Maucker Union (MU) Administrative Office and the Department of Residence (DOR) Dining Services when any group intends to prepare their own food with Dining Services’ direction and guidance in the commercial kitchen in the MU or Commons Building. The Center for Multicultural Education (CME), the International Services Office (ISO) in the Maucker Union, Maucker Union Meeting Rooms and the Commons Ballroom are the only locations where this service is available. No outside food may be brought into the MU CME, MU ISO, MU or the Commons catering venues for public consumption without prior permission from DOR Dining Services.



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Describe completely all food and beverages to be served/perpared at your event as how they will be prepared. Vague or incomplete descriptions will delay approval of this form:

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You will need to provide a copy of the receipe to the DOR Dining Services Manager.

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