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Checklist & Guidelines for Outdoor Events

Requests for use of University grounds for programs and/or special events are made through the Maucker Union Administrative Office. The "Outdoor Events Request Form" must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the event date.


  • Complete ALL requested information on the Outdoor Events Request Form. Student groups must receive prior approval for events through the Student Involvement Center (located on the Plaza Level in Maucker Union) before completing this form.
  • If the SPONSORING GROUP is requesting items and/or services that they CANNOT provide themselves, the appropriate arrangements need to be made through the Maucker Union Administrative Office by the SPONSORING GROUP.
  • Providers and paperwork needed:
    • An "Interdepartmental Requisition" MUST be completed for UNI Physical Plant if the SPONSORING GROUP is requesting: tables, chairs, trashcans, tent, electricity, water, etc.
    • If the SPONSORING GROUP is requesting risers/staging, they need to contact a rental company (eg: United Rental).
    • If the SPONSORING GROUP is requesting a PA System or other audio-visual needs, they need to contact a rental company.
    • If the SPONSORING GROUP will be having any food, a Food Safety Approval Form needs to be completed and turned in with the Outdoor Event Request Form.
    • An "Underground Facility Location Form" needs to be completed if the SPONSORING GROUP needs to put anything into the ground (eg: tent stakes) and turned in with your Outdoor Event Request Form. Maucker Union Administrative Office can assist you with this form.
  • Submit the completed form(s) to the Maucker Union Administrative Office. At this time you will meet with an event planner to go over the details of your event.
  • After all necessary signatures have been obtained, the SPONSORING GROUP will be notified. At that time, further arrangements will be made, if necessary (eg: scheduling additional event planning meetings as needed).


  • University Account Number - University groups and organizations will need to provide a University account number that can be used to charge any costs for services provided. Groups not affiliated with the University will be billed directly for the costs incurred.
  • Weather - If inclement weather or wet grounds following inclement weather could be a factor for the event, should back-up indoor facilities or secondary dates be reserved?
  • Risk Management/Safety - If there will be risk(s) to participants and/or spectators, what necessary safety precautions must be taken?
  • Liability - Groups NOT affiliated with the University will be required to provided appropriate liability insurance coverage.
  • Public Safety/Security - If there are security concerns, what steps must be taken to provide a safe environment for those attending and/or working the event?
  • Event Parking - The use of UNI parking facilities, except metered areas, requires a parking permit at all times. Questions should be directed to the Maucker Union Administrative Office.
  • Vehicle Traffic on Campus - Sidewalks and turf are not designed for vehicular traffic. Please contact Paul Meyermann, UNI Physical Plant, if you feel it is necessary for vehicles to be on surfaces that are not paved.
  • Event Permits - Will permits be necessary for the event to take place (eg: parade permit, food service permits)?
  • Utilities - What utilities are necessary for the event? Is there a need for water or electricity or some other power source?
  • Utility Locates - State Law requires notification to the Iowa One Call System at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and legal holidays) prior to engaging in any type of digging or excavating. This includes placement of anything that requires digging and/or driving of posts or stakes. Contact the Maucker Union Administrative Office for assistance in notifying Iowa One Call.
  • Equipment Needs - What equipment is necessary for the success of the event (eg: tables. chairs, podium, microphones, risers/staging, etc.)?
  • Food Service - If you are planning on having food at your event, you must complete the Food Safety Approval Form. If you are selling food items, you may be required to acquire State, County, or Local permits.
  • Catering/Alcoholic Beverages - The use of alcoholic beverages must be purchased and arranged through the UNI Department of Residence/Catering Services. Alcoholic beverage service is NOT available to student organizations.

Maucker Union staff will assist your group in holding a successful event on the University of Northern Iowa campus. Please do not hesitate to contact our office for further assistance.

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