Students get together for the 2011 UNIBusiness Graduation Celebration.
Students from Six Sigma study abroad class visiting Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.
Professor Ratchford providing assistance to students in Intro to Information Systems.
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Students in Management Information Systems Projects learning the importance of following directions.

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joe“As cliche as it sounds, I am glad I chose my major because of the opportunity. Regardless of any company of any size anywhere, Supply Chain Management is used. I knew when I came to UNI, I wanted to work within my field as a student to solidify that I was going to be pursuing the right major. Because of being a Supply Chain Management major, I worked at John Deere in their Part-time student program in two different positions relevant to Supply Chain and Operations. From there, I gained the opportunity to do a summer internship at General Motors doing another experience in Supply Chain. Within this major I know there will be ongoing challenges and excitement. I encourage anyone who likes problem solving, understanding where all of the pieces of the puzzle come together and relationship driven, Supply Chain Management is definitely something to consider! I have had amazing opportunities during my time here at UNI. Because of UNIBusiness I have had the pleasure of traveling to Shanghai, China twice; Panama; and Monaco, France. All three of these were programs with a different intent but still centered around being an advocate of our College of Business Administration. When reflecting on my time at UNIBusiness, I immediately think about my professors and the relationships I have developed with them. With our professors having hours where they are in their office I always enjoyed the chance to go and talk to them about life, class, where we see different industries going and anything in-between. Our professors genuinely care about us as students and want us to feel engaged in not only the classroom discussion but the world around us.”
Joe NoonanProgram Purchasing Buyer, Management: Supply Chain and Operations, May 2015General MotorsDetroit, Michigan