Political Science



Political Communication, B.A.

Political Science, B.A.

Public Administration: Community and Regional Development, B.A.

Public Administration: Economics and Finance, B.A.

Public Administration: Human Resources, B.A.


International Affairs
Political Science

Politics and Law


Certificate in International Peace and Security

Certificate in State and Local Government

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Plan of Study

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Political science is the study of government and governing systems. Its origins reach back to Aristotle, who referred to politics as the “queen of the sciences.” Today political scientists are interested in many of the same normative questions that engaged ancient scholars, such as how should governments be structured and how should power be distributed. In addition, modern political scientists are concerned with accurately measuring and explaining a wide variety of political phenomenon, such as voting behavior and international conflict.

At present, we have 14 faculty members who teach a wide variety of courses in American politics, public administration, comparative politics, international relations and political theory. Our classes are generally small, and students have easy access to faculty outside of the classroom. Since all professors teach freshmen and sophomores as well as upper division courses, students get to know their teachers early in their college careers.

Our graduates are prepared for careers in civil and foreign service, public and private sector management and administration, political organizations and consulting, and education. And, every year many of our graduates choose to continue their education in doctoral programs and law schools.

Common minors pursued

Students majoring in political science, public administration, and political communication are not required to take a specific minor; however, common minors pursued and recommended are international relations, economics, history, sociology, criminology, and general business.

Political Communication, B.A.

Political communication majors must complete 36 to 37 semester hours, including an internship. Students are required to take a set of core courses in politics and communications and then select two areas of concentration for their remaining coursework. The political communication major combines the strengths of the communication studies and political science fields to create a major for those interested in careers in public affairs management. Jobs in this area include public relations for governments and non-profit organizations, campaign management, political journalism in electronic or print media, political speech writing and advertising, survey research, and public opinion consulting. Students who have been active in debate teams, newspapers, student government or community organizations will find that this major allows them to combine their interests in these activities with their academic coursework.

Public Administration, B.A.

Public administration majors must complete 43-47semester hours. Students take a mix of administration, management and policy courses, complemented with a required internship in a public organization. After taking a set of core courses in American politics, public administration and quantitative methods, students concentrate on courses in one of the following areas of public administration:

  • General administration
  • State and community planning
  • Public law
  • Public personnel
  • Public policy and public service International public policy    

Political Science

Civil service: local, state and national
Foreign service
Law enforcement agencies: FBI, CIA
Legislative assistant
Political analyst
Business manager
Civic and public leader

Public Administration

Public service: local, state and national
Management positions in non-profit organizations
Personnel director
Budget analyst
Urban planning
City management

Example of Job Titles

Attorney at law
Plant manager
Personnel director
City manager
Aide to U.S. senator
Political party administrative/political staff
Non-governmental organization administrative staff
Law enforcer


Examples of Firms Employing Graduates

U.S. State Department
Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Defense Department
John Deere
Fisher Governor
World Bank

Unique Features: 
  • Outstanding faculty recognized nationally and internationally for their contribution to the discipline

  • Internship programs

  • Student organizations including Political Science Society, Daniel Webster Law Society, International Affair

  • Organization, and Model United Nations

  • National and international exchange programs

Scholarships & Awards: 

Each year the Department of Political Science awards the Black Hawk County Bar Association Pre-Law Scholarship, Charles Ray and Ada May Hoxie Scholarship, Dennis Jensen Memorial Scholarship, and the Glasener Endowed Political Science Scholarship to current political science, public administration and political communication majors.


More information on department scholarships can found at Financial Aid.