Electrical Engineering Technology (EET)



Electrical Engineering Technology (EET), B.S.


Electrical/Electronics Technology (EET)

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Plan of Study

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Students majoring in EET have great opportunities for a bright career since the major content of the curriculum they study will not become obsolete. Practical industrial experiences offered by the EET program expose students to the world of work. Students have the opportunity for hands-on experiences in the classroom, the EIET laboratories, or at local industries through cooperative education and senior design projects. This prepares them for a variety of engineering technology and technical leadership positions.

Program graduates have an excellent reputation among employers in Iowa, as well as other states. Most of our junior and senior students are employed part time by local industry based on their skills and qualifications. According to our recent statistics, starting salaries of our graduates are between $39K and $45K per year, depending on qualifications and job responsibilities. Please click on the “Alumni” button in the EET web site to see testimonials of some of our recent graduates.

Unique Features: 
  • A friendly environment where you interact on a daily and personal basis with your professors

  • A flexible program offering a wide variety of options and emphases with sufficient rigor to prepare for a productive career in the EET area

  • Individualized hands-on training using state-of-the-art equipment and trainers used in industry

  • Small class sizes make the difference.

  • Iowa’s first four-year BS degree granting engineering technology program

  • Excellent part-time job opportunities for EET juniors and seniors in local industries

  • Articulation agreements with all Iowa Community Colleges, which may provide transfer credits up to 65 semester hours.

  • Several annual competitive scholarships

  • Program Industrial Advisory Board, in addition to the Department of Industrial Technology Advisory Board

  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers) active student organization for great leadership skills and, also other departmental professional organization chapters

  • Opportunities for local industry-sponsored senior design projects and part-time jobs

  • Dedicated departmental student computer labs with continuously updated software tools

  • Housed in the Industrial Technology Center, featuring classrooms with state-of-the-art media facilities

  • Specialized laboratories with modern equipment and testing devices

  • Student computer laboratory for instructional and student use

Scholarships & Awards: 

Several full-tuition industrial technology scholarships are available to incoming freshmen on a competitive basis through the College of Natural Sciences Mathematics, Science and Technology Symposium. Other departmental and college level scholarships include the W&H Wagner Scholarship, J.P. LaRue Scholarship, W.E. Luck Scholarship, Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics (CEMS) Scholarships, Students First Scholarship, and others.

More information on department scholarships can found at Financial Aid.