Undergraduate Majors: A-Z List

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Accounting Major, Minor, Certificates
Anthropology Major, Minor
Art Minor
Art Education -teaching Major
Art/Graphic Design Major
Art: Art History Major, Minor
Art: Studio Major
Athletic Training Major
Biochemistry Major
Biology Major, Minor
Biology- Teaching Major, Minor
Biology: Biomedical Major
Biology: Ecology & Evolution Major
Chemistry Major, Minor
Chemistry - Teaching Major, Minor
Chemistry -Marketing Major
Coaching Minor
Communication Major, Minor
Communication-Theatre-Teaching Major, Minor
Communication/Business Communication Minor
Communication/Electronic Media: Electronic Media Leadership Major
Communication/Electronic Media: Electronic Media Production/Performance Major
Communication/Journalism Minor
Communication/Public Relations Major, Minor
Communicative Disorders Major
Computer Science Major, Minor
Computer Science/Networking and System Administration Major
Construction Management Major
Criminology Major, Minor
Early Childhood Education Major
Early Childhood Special Education -Teaching Minor
Earth Science Major, Minor
Earth Science - Teaching Major, Minor
Economics Minor
Economics: Applied Economic Analysis Major
Economics: Business Economics Major
Economics: General Economics Major
Economics: Quantitative Techniques Major
Educational Technology Minor
Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) Major
Electrical/Electronics Technology (EET) Minor
Elementary Education Major
English Major, Minor, Certificates
English -Teaching Major, Minor
English Writing: Creative Writing Minor
English Writing: Professional Writing Minor
English: Film Studies Minor
English: Literacy Studies Minor
Environmental Science Major
Family Services Major
Family Studies Minor
Finance Minor
Finance/Real Estate Major, Minor
Finance/Real Estate- business Minor
Finance: Financial Management Major
Finance: Financial Services Major
Finance: Investments Major
General Studies Major
Geography Major, Minor, Certificates
Geography: Economic Geography and Business Major
Geography: Environmental Science and Policy Major
Geography: Human Geographic Processes Major
Geography: Planning and Policy Major
Gerontology Minor
Gerontology: Long Term Care Major
Gerontology: Social Sciences Major
Global Studies Major
Graphic Technologies Major, Minor
Health Education-Teaching Minor
Health Promotion Minor
Health Promotion: Global Health and Health Disparities Major
Health Promotion: Health and Fitness Promotion Major
Health Promotion: Science Intensive: Environmental Health Major
Health Promotion: Women's Health Major
History Major, Minor
History: Teaching Major
Humanities Major
Individual Studies Major
Instructional Strategist: I,I,II Minor
Interactive Digital Studies Major, Minor
Interior Design Major
Leisure, Youth and Human Services Major, Minor, Certificates
Liberal Studies Major
Literacy Education (5-12) -Teaching Minor
Literacy Education - Teaching Minor
Management Information Systems Major
Management/Business-Teaching Major
Management: Business Administration Major
Management: General Business Concepts Major
Management: Human Resource Management Major
Management: Organizational Leadership Major
Management: Supply Chain and Operations Major
Manufacturing Technology Major
Manufacturing: Advanced Manufacturing Major
Manufacturing: Manufacturing Design Major
Manufacturing: Metal Casting Major
Marketing Minor
Marketing/Business Communication Minor
Marketing/Chemistry-Marketing Major
Marketing: Advertising & Digital Media Major
Marketing: Global Marketing Major
Marketing: Marketing Management Major
Marketing: Sales Management Major
Mathematics Major, Minor
Mathematics (K-8): Teaching Minor
Mathematics: Statistics/Actuarial Science Major, Minor
Mathematics: Teaching Major, Minor
Middle Level Education Dual Major Major
Movement & Exercise Science Major
Movement & Exercise Science: Sports Psychology Major
Music Major, Minor
Philosophy Major, Minor
Philosophy: Ethics Minor
Physical Education (K-6) Minor
Physical Education -Teaching Major
Physics Major, Minor
Physics - Teaching Major
Physics: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Minor
Political Communication Major
Political Science Major, Minor
Political Science/International Affairs Minor
Political Science/Public Administration Major
Political Science/Public Administration: Community and Regional Development Major
Political Science/Public Administration: Economics and Finance Major
Political Science/Public Administration: Human Resources Major
Politics and Law Minor
Psychology Major, Minor, Certificates
Religion, Study of Major, Minor
Russian & East European
Science: All Sciences Major
Science: Basic Science Minor
Science: Middle/Junior High School Science Major
Social Science: Plan A Specialist - Teaching Major
Social Science: Plan B All Social Science - Teaching Major
Social Work Major
Sociology Major, Minor, Certificates
Spanish Major, Minor, Certificates
Spanish - Teaching Major, Minor
Special Education - Teaching Minor
Teaching Students with Visual Impairments Minor
Technology Education Major, Minor
Technology Management Major, Minor, Certificates
TESOL Major, Minor, Certificates
TESOL - Teaching Major, Minor
TESOL/French - Teaching
TESOL/German - Teaching
TESOL/Modern Language - Teaching Major
TESOL/Russian - Teaching
TESOL/Spanish - Teaching
Textile and Apparel Major, Minor
Theatre Major, Minor
Theatre: Design and Production Major
Theatre: Drama and Theatre for Youth Major
Theatre: Performance Major
Women's and Gender Studies Minor