Annette Lynch

Fashion Trend Analysis


Fashion Trend Analysis

Spring 2014

Annette Lynch: 1 PM MWF

Instructor: Dr. Annette Lynch

Office Hours: 243 Latham, T TH, 10:45 to 12:15

Office: 219 Sabin, 243 Latham Hall

Web address:

Voice Mail: 273-3054, 273-2114




Required Texts:

Lynch, A. and Strauss, M. D. (2007).  Changing Fashion:  A Critical Introduction to Trend Analysis and Meaning.  Oxford, England: Berg Publishers.

New York Times, free and available to students at the Maucker Union.

Women's Wear Daily (WWD): available on-line to students through UNI Rod Library.  Also available in paper version in the student lounge in Latham Hall.

Style.Com trend reports at

Course Objectives:

1.    Introduce students to theories and frameworks used to explain and predict fashion change.

2.    Introduce students to sources of information and research on fashion change.

3.    Introduce students to the factors involved in planning and presenting a fashion forecast.

4.    Help students understand the relationship between social and cultural change and fashion change.

5.    Examine the relationship of economic, political, technological, artistic, and social life to fashionable behavior.

Course Requirements and Grading System:


Exam I:

100 PT

Wednesday, February 26

Exam II:

100 PT

Monday, April 7

NYTimes Journalists Forecast the Looks for Fall 2014

100 PT

Gender Continuum Trend Project 

100 PT

Due dates noted in schedule

Fall 2014 Trend Project 100 Due dates noted in schedule

Fall 2014 Trend Analysis Notebook

 90 PT

Due dates noted in schedule


 590 PT



All course requirements must be met in order to receive a passing grade in this course.

Assignments are due in class on the date due. Assignments that are put in my mailbox or turned in late receive a lower letter grade than those turned in on time. Habitual late assignments will affect your grade in this course. Letter grades are based on a percentage grading scale.



90 - 100 %


80 - 89 %


70 - 79 %


60 - 69 %



Class Policies

Attendance Policy: Students are expected to be at all class sessions. It is the instructor's philosophy that classes should be attended to receive full credit for a college level course. Attendance roll will be taken and penalties assessed for excessive missed classes, medically excused or not. The following penalty schedule will be applied in the class:

bullet more than 5 classes missed - loss of one full grade in course
bullet more than 7 classes missed - loss of two full grades in course

more than 9 classes missed - failure for the entire course


Assignments - Assignments are due in class on the due date. Any work not turned in during the class period on the assigned due date will be marked one grade lower. After the first late week, two grades lower.  Students may not turn in material in my mailbox either following or preceding class and received full credit.

Exams - Students who must miss an exam due to extreme illness or other emergency must contact me in advance of the exam in order to arrange a make-up assignment.  Make-up assignments are generally papers on the topic covered by the exam.

Students with Special Needs:

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) provides protection from discrimination for qualified individuals with disabilities. Students with a disability, who require assistance, will need to contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) for coordination of academic accommodations. The ODS is located at 213 Students Services Center. Their phone number is 319-273-2676. Students should also feel free to contact the professor if there are accommodations that can be made.

Tentative Schedule




Monday, January 13


Introduction to Course Content

JacksonKatz/Annette Lynch Huff Post interview assigned

Wednesday, January 15

Diffusion of Innovation 


Friday, January 17

Fashion Life Cycle

Trend Project 1 Assigned


Monday, January 20 Martin Luther King  No Class
Wednesday, January 22 Dissonance: Show and Tell
Friday, January 24 Fashion Life Cycle/Social Processes


Monday, January 27 New York Times Fashion Journalism Assignment
Wedneday, January 29

Social Processes cont.

Friday, January 31

Fashion as Symbol



Monday, February 3

Fall 2014 Fashion Trend Notebook Assigned

Wednesdsay, February 5
Friday, February 7  FALL 2014 New York Fashion Week


Monday, February 10 Favorite Fall Trend Show and Tell  FALL 2014 New York Fashion Week
Wednesday, February 12  FALL 2014 New York Fashion Week
Friday, February 14  FALL 2014 New York Fashion Week


Monday, February 17 New York Times Fashion Journalism Assignment Installment 1 Due  
Wednesday, February 19 Fashion Journalism Show and Tell  
Friday, February 21 Exam Review


Monday, February 24 No Class Professor at State Capitol  
Wednesday, February 26 Exam 1  
Friday, February 28 Fashion Change Introduction: Take Home Exam 2 Assigned Lynch/Strauss, Chapter 1


Monday, March 3 Exam 1 Returned  Process Grade: Fall 2014 Trend Notebook Due
Wednesday, March 5 Fashion and the Self  Lynch/Strauss, Chapter 2
Friday, March 7 Questions and Answers: Trend Project 1


Monday, March 10 Fashion as Meaning Lynch/Strauss Chapter 3
Wednesday, March 12 Fashion as Collective Behavior  Lynch/Strauss Chapter 4
Friday, March 14 Trend Project 1 Due  


Monday, March 24 Fashion as Style Lynch/Strauss, Chapter 5
Wednesday, March 26 Fashion as Performance Lynch/Strauss, Chapter 6
Wednesday, March 28  Cyclical Theories of Fashion Change Lynch/Strauss, Chapter 7


Monday, March 31 Questions and Answers: Take Home Exam  Sample: Take Home Exam Due
Wednesday, April 2 Catch up day  
Friday, April 4 Questions and Answers: Take Home Exam  


Monday, April 7 Take Home Exam 2 Due  
Wednesday, April 9 Questions and Answers: Fall Trend Notebook  
Friday, April 11 Update Day: Favorite Fashion Journalists


Monday, April 14 Trend Project 2 Library Day
Wednesday, April 16 Questions and Answers: Trend Project 2  
Friday, April 18 Fall Trend Notebook Due


Monday, April 21 Paper Due: Trend Project 2
Wednesday, April 23 Discussion: Trend Project 2 Portfolio Pages  
Friday, April 25 CATWALK 22 NO CLASS


Saturday, April 26: CATWALK 22

Monday, April 28 Help Session: Portfolio Pages
Wednesday, April 30 Portfolio Pages Due, Exam Review  
Friday, May 2 No class, professor at conference


 FINAL EXAM: Tuesday, May 6, 1-2:50

Fashion Journalism Assignment, NYTimes Journalists Forecast the Looks for Fall 2014 and short in class essay exam on Characteristics of Innovations.