Annette Lynch

Dress and Human Behavior

Dress and Human Behavior

Fall 2013

Annette Lynch

Faculty Office:  243 Latham, 273-2114, office hours 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM T TH, and by appointment

Center for Violence Prevention: 219 Sabin Hall, 273-3054

Teaching Assistant: Erin Bracey,


Required Text:

Holt, D. and Cameron, D. (2010). Cultural Strategy: Using Innovative Ideologies to Build Breakthrough Brands. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 

Course Objectives

1.  Recognize that dress is a complex social process and a revealing form of human behavior.

2.  Approach dress as a means of understanding self, social interaction,  and society.

3.  Identify factors within the social context that influence dress choices and affect the meaning of the dressed body.

4.  Become attuned to the symbolic functions of dress and its importance within the communication process.

5.  Observe how people use dress and appearance in daily life to organize and give meaning to social experiences.

6.  Recognize cross-cultural diversity and commonality of dress patterns and consider implications of globalization of dress practices.

7.  Apply feminist theory and concepts to the study of dress and appearance styles.

8.  Become acquainted with research focused upon social and psychological aspects of clothing and textiles. 

Course Requirements and Grading System

MVP Project  25% of grade DUE: October 16
Exam 1 25% of grade October 28
Brand as Empowerment Project  25 % of grade DUE: December 13 (Stages 1-5)
Final Exam                                                 25 % of grade Tuesday, December 17, 10 AM, Stage 6 and Take Home Question


Class Policies

Attendance Policy: Students are expected to be at all class sessions. It is the instructor's philosophy that classes should be attended to receive full credit for a college level course. Attendance roll will be taken and penalties assessed for excessive missed classes, medically excused or not. The following penalty schedule will be applied in the class:


More than 5 classes missed: Loss of One Full Letter Grade


More than 7 classes missed: Loss of Two Full Letter Grades 


More than 9 classes missed: Failure (F) in the course.

Assignments - Assignments are due in class on the due date. Any work not turned in on time will be marked one grade lower. After the first late week, two grades lower.

Exams - Students who must miss an exam due to extreme illness or other emergency must contact me in advance of the exam in order to arrange a make-up assignment.  Your make-up assignment will be a 20 research paper in the content area of the exam. 

Students with Special Needs:

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) provides protection from discrimination for qualified individuals with disabilities. Students with a disability, who require assistance, will need to contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) for coordination of academic accommodations. The ODS is located at 213 Students Services Center. Their phone number is 319-273-2676. Students should also feel free to contact the professor if there are accommodations that can be made.



Tentative Schedule

August 26


Introduction to course and MVP and  Brand as Empowerment Projects



August 28 Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology of Dress and Appearance  

August 30


Cultural Construction of Gender




September 2 Labor Day holiday  
September 4 Better mousetraps vs cultural innovation: What sells fashion products? Cultural Strategy, Chapter 1
September 6 Fashion as Empowerment: Using Products and Marketing to Create Change and Validate Emerging Identities

 Show and Tell

Assigned readings for Monday will be distributed in class


September 9 MVP: Challenges to Hyper Masculinity & Self Objectification Project, Lecture 1  Introduction to Project: Dr. Lynch, 
September 11 MVP: Challenges to Hyper Masculinity & Self Objectification Project, Lecture 2  MVP Team
September 13 MVP: Challenges to Hyper Masculinity & Self Objectification Project, Lecture 3  MVP Team


September 16  MVP: Challenges to Hyper Masculinity & Self Objectification Project, Lecture 4  MVP Team
September 18 Presentation and Assignment of Project, Groups created Dr. Lynch
September 20 Group meeting time


MVP TRAINING: September 20 - 21 (Optional, not required)


September 23 Group Updates: Group Meeting Time
September 25 Group Meeting Time
September 27 Group Presentation of Scenarios and plans for focus group testing  


September 30 Cultural Innovation Theory Case Study: Nike Chapter 2
October 2 Group Meeting Time  
October 4 President's Installation, NO CLASS


October 7 Cultural Innovation Theory Case Study: Nike(cont), Jack Daniels, Ben & Jerry's  Chapter 3 and 4
October 9 Group Work Time  
Ocober 11 Group Presentations


October 14 Group Presentations
October 16 Group Meeting Time,   
October 18 Cultural Innovation Case Studies: Starbucks & Patagonia, MVP Project due at end of class Chapters 5 and 6


October 21 Cultural Innovation Case Studies, cont.
October 23 Dr. Lynch ill, no class
October 25 Marlboro/Cultural Innovation Theory Chapters 7, 8 and 9


October 28 Killing Me Softly: Due end of class, Cultural Strategy Analysis
October 30 Tough Guise: Due end of class, Cultural Strategy Analysis  
November 1 Exam Review  Chapter 10 & 12


November 4

Exam 1

 Chapters 10 and 11
November 6 Brand as Empowerment Project assigned  Chapters 12 and 13
November 8 Wrestling with Manhood: Due end of class Cultural Strategy Analysis  


November 11

 No Class: Chicago Career Fair

November 13 Creating Programming as an Aspect of Brand
November 15

Mapping the Orthodoxy (projects revieed in class)

Documenting the Social Disruption Assigned


November 18

Self (Psychological Expression of), Social Identity, Cultural Identity Excercise, due in class

November 20

Documenting a Social Disruption (projects reviewed in class)

Unearth Ideological Opportunity & Cull Source Material Assigned

November 22

Exams returned, grades updated




November 25 Thanksgiving Break
November 27 Thanksgiving Break
November 29 Thanksgiving Break  


December 2

Unearthing and Cull Due:

Apply Cultural Tactics Assigned

December 4 Apply Cultural Tactics: Question and Answer
December 6 Cultural Tactics Due
Craft the Cultural Strategy Assigned


December 9

Cultural Tactics projects reviewed in class

December 11 Questions and answers: Brand as Empowerment  
December 13 Brand as Empowerment: Stages 1 - 5 Due in Class


FINAL EXAM:  Tuesday, December 17, 10 - 11:50 AM, Portfolio Pages Short Take Home Due