Dr. Tammy Gregersen

Associate Professor
(319) 273-2729
2015 Bartlett Hall
Ph.D., Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile M.A., Universidad Los Condes, Chile B.A., Bethel College, Minnesota  
Areas of Specialty:  Individual differences in language acquisitionTESOL methodology Selected Publications:Gregersen, T. (2004). "Adversity to Diversity," Essential Teacher, 4, 54-56.Gregersen, T. (2004). "Watch What Your Language Students Are Not Saying," The Teacher Trainer, in press.Gregersen, T. (2002). "To Err Is Human: A Reminder to Teachers of Language Anxious Students," Foreign Language Annals,36, 25-32.Gregersen, T. & E. Horwitz (2002). "Language Learning and Perfectionism: Anxious and Non-anxious Language Learners' Reactions to Their Own Oral Performance," The Modern Language Journal, 86.Gregersen, T. & R. Vera. (2001). "Can Foreign Language Learning Strategy Use Turn Into Crutches?: A Pilot Study on the Use of Strategies by Successful and Unsuccessful Language Learners," Signos, 34.Gregersen, T. (2000). "Improving the Interaction of Communicatively Apprehensive Students using Cooperative Learning,"Lenguas Modernas, 26-27.Gregersen, T. (2000). "The Individual Differences that Distinguish High and Low Output Students," Signos, 33.Gregersen, T. (1998). "The Affective and Participatory Responses of Students Paired According to Proficiency Levels in Dyadic Exchanges," Lenguas Modernas, 25.
Tammy Gregersen received her M.A. in Education from the Universidad de Las Condes in Santiago, Chile (1995), and her Ph.D. from the Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile (1998) in Linguistics. She spent seventeen years teaching English, preparing EFL teachers, and researching at the Universidad de Atacama in Copiapo, Chile. Dr. Gregersen's area of research centers on the individual differences that affect the second language learning processing, including such factors as anxiety, motivation, self-esteem, beliefs, language learning strategies, perfectionism and learning styles. Besides her many conference presentations in Chile, Dr. Gregersen has also shared her research in Portugal, Spain, France, Poland and the U.S. Dr. Gregersen's teaching areas include TESOL Methods courses, Introduction to Linguistics, Bilingual Education and Cultural Aspects of Language. Return to Directory