Recent Faculty Publications

Jennifer Cooley
"Carne Viva: Engaging Simulations on Immigration in Iowa," The Journal of Latino-Latin American Studies

David Grant
Dr. Grant reviewed sessions from the 2012 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC).  Reviews are published online in the peer-reviewed journal, Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy.

Tammy Gregersen
"Emotions that facilitate language learning: The positive-broadening power of imagination,"  Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching
"Recognizing visual and auditory cues in detection of foreign language anxiety," TESL Canada Journal 

Julie Husband 
Antislavery Discourse and Nineteenth-Century American Literature: Incendiary Pictures

William N. Koch
"Fearful Summary: What Northrop Frye's Scholarship has Taught Me so Far," English Studies in Canada

Adrienne P. Lamberti
The Iowa English Bulletin: a publication of Iowa Council of Teachers of English
Complex Worlds: Digital Culture, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication
Talking the Talk: Revolution in Agricultural Communication

Catherine MacGillivray
In My Village and Monsters’ Dawn (French poems by Marie Léontine Tsibinda translated into English by Catherine MacGillivray) Universitas

Gabriela Olivares
"Foreign Language Learner Variables in an Urban Commuter University Setting," Arizona Working Papers in SLA & Teaching

Jim O'Loughlin
"The Season of the MOOC," Universitas
"Not Full," The Quotable 
"Pop Song Carbon Footprints," McSweeney's Internet Tendency

Jeremy Schraffenberger
"Dropping Babies," Brevity
"Telamon and Caryatid," Heron Tree
"Docile Bodies," Revolver

Jesse G. Swan
Editing Lives: Essays in Contemporary Textual and Biographical Studies in Honor of O M Brack, Jr.

Elizabeth Zwanziger

 Incendiary Pictures

Editing Lives


Julie Husband
Antislavery Discourse and Nineteenth-Century American Literature: Incendiary Pictures

Jesse G. Swan
Editing Lives: Essays in Contemporary and Biographical Studies in Honor of O M Brack, Jr. 

Elizabeth Zwanziger