KULT-LP is a broadcast service of the students of the University of Northern Iowa. KULT provides the UNI community with a variety of programming including the latest music, UNI sports, area concert news, UNI and local/national news and news features. KULT is available at 94.5 FM and online at www.uni.edu/kult.

KULT is primarily funded by student activity fees allocated by the Northern Iowa Student Government during the spring semester of each academic year.

KULT is run and staffed entirely by students from the University of Northern Iowa. KULT is overseen by the University's Board of Control for Student Broadcasting. Daily operations are charged to the station's general manager and the station's management staff. On-air staff members are volunteers from the University's student body.

UNI Student Broadcasting:  A Brief History

1955 - The student radio station started out on the 3rd floor in the Old Aud Building (now Lang Hall) at KYTC (Know Your Teachers College -- UNI was then Iowa State Teachers College).  Content includes live dramas, concert music, and news.

1957 - KYTC was moved to a World War I barracks building annex that was located between Sabin Hall and the library.

1964 - KYTC moves to an old house south of Baker Hall that once served as the infirmary.

1969 - KTYC moves to the new Maucker Union, gets news audio equipment and operates as a carrier current station on campus.

1974 - Becomes KCRS (Campus Radio Service), 970 AM carier current. Known by 1978 as KC-97, the album station.

early 1990s - Now known as KGRK ("The Gerk"), and carried as audio on campus cable channel 5, in addition to carrier current.

1996 - Station gets a Web page.  By this point, 80-100 students participate at the station as DJs, sports and news broadcasters each term.

1998 - KGRK begins Web streaming.

2001 - KGRK begins a low power (less than 1 watt) AM broadcast from antenna on top of Schindler Hall.  The signal reaches only the campus area (per FCC requirements).

June 2001 -- Station faculty advisor Chris Martin (Associate Professor of Communication Studies) and the Board of Control for Student Broadcasting apply for one of the new 100-watt Low Power FM licenses offered by the FCC.

October 10, 2002 -- The FCC grants an 18-month construction permit for the station to get on the air.  The station also secures the new call sign KULT-LP ("The Kult"), as selected from a list of available call signs by the station's student managers. Some available call signs that didn't make the cut:  KONK (our runner-up), KWAN, KIPI, KIZI, KIKY, KLOP, KBAA, KIMU, KYRU.

February 2003 -- Northern Iowa Student Government approves a proposal from General Manager Lee Farquhar and Advisor Chris Martin for about $12,500 in special funds from the Northern Iowa Student Government.

October 17, 2003 -- With the major planning, design, and testing by broadcast engineer Walt Alliss, with additional work by Department of Communication Studies engineer Ken Paschke, ITS and the Physical Plant, and a group of students including new General Manager Kevin Hamilton, KULT-LP 94.5 FM goes on the air, months in advance of the construction permit expiration.  KULT is the first LPFM on the air in Iowa, and serves as a community station for UNI students and the surrounding community.  Its 100-watt signal contour carries from an antenna on top of Schindler Hall to cover Cedar Falls, north to Janesville, south to Hudson, east to Waterloo/Crossroads, and west to Dike.

2005 -- Our 50th anniversary! Sure, the name has changed, but we're still the one and only student radio station at UNI.

2009 -- KULT launches its new website and starts online streaming. The KULT is going places!